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/ 7 January 2009

Guinea military arrests point to post-coup tensions

Guinea’s military rulers have detained at least two former senior commanders in a purge of the armed forces that reveals tensions following last month’s coup in the West African bauxite exporter, officers said. Those detained by soldiers under orders from the ruling junta, which seized power on December 23, include the former armed forces chief […]

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/ 21 September 2007

New Sierra Leone leader to boost regional ties

Sierra Leone’s President Ernest Bai Koroma on Friday embarked on his first foreign trip since taking office this week, heading to neighbouring Guinea and Liberia to promote ties damaged by more than a decade of war. The former insurance executive was sworn in on Monday within hours of being declared winner of a run-off election.

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/ 23 August 2007

Guinea joins African states seeking nuclear power

Guinea will start talks with the International Atomic Energy Agency on a nuclear energy programme after the discovery of uranium this month, becoming the latest African state seeking a nuclear solution to power shortages. The poor West African nation announced at the start of August that Australian miner Murchison United had discovered commercially viable deposits of uranium.

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/ 4 May 2007

Guinean soldiers riot over pay arrears

Guinean soldiers rioting over unpaid wages shot dead two people and wounded dozens of others as they rampaged through several cities and towns, witnesses said on Friday. A soldier and a civilian night watchman were killed while 73 people, most of them civilians, were wounded in two days of violent protest.

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/ 21 March 2007

Guinea truck-crash death toll climbs

A bridge collapsed under an overloaded truck in Guinea, throwing scores of passengers into a river and killing at least 70, the West African country’s state radio reported on Wednesday. The truck was ferrying merchandise and people back from a local market near the south-eastern town of Gueckedou when the accident occurred.

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/ 20 March 2007

Dozens killed in Guinea road accident

Sixty-five people were killed and seven injured in the West African state of Guinea after the lorry in which they were travelling toppled into a lake. Officials said the accident late on Monday near the town of Gueckedou, about 700km south-east of the capital, was one of the deadliest in decades. The van toppled into the water when it tried to cross a narrow bridge, according to survivors.

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/ 25 February 2007

Guinea troops pull down street barricades

Guinea’s military ordered the country to go back to work as it removed barricades from the streets on Sunday following the lifting of martial law. Guinea’s usually obedient Parliament dealt a blow to the president when it voted unanimously on Friday to end the state of siege he had slapped on the West African country.

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/ 21 February 2007

New Guinea talks to end deadly unrest

With the country under martial law and in the grip of a general strike, Guinea’s union leaders held new talks on Wednesday with President Lansana Conte’s government on how to end weeks of unrest that have left scores dead. At least 113 people have been killed since the protests started in January.