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African forces suspend operation in Gambia for final talks

Long-ruling Gambian leader Yahya Jammeh, who lost elections last month, has until midday Friday to hand over power and agree to leave the country.

AU-backed tribunal jails Chadian dictator Hissène Habré

The trial and judgment on the continent has been hailed by the United Nations, Human Rights Watch and other countries and organisations.

Former Chad dictator hears atrocities case

Hissene Habre was forced into the dock as his trial resumed in Senegal over a string of atrocities committed during eight bloodsoaked years in power.

Guinea-Bissau warns against foreign interference

Guinea-Bissau's junta has vowed to defend itself from interference as the international community condemns a two-year transition government.

SA slams Guinea-Bissau military over coup d’état

South Africa has come out against the coup in Guinea-Bissau, saying it was deplorable that the military went this route despite AU-Ecowas warnings.

Army, opposition agree to share power in Guinea-Bissau

The Guinea-Bissau army and opposition parties have agreed to set up a transitional body to run the country ahead of talks with regional powers.

Senegal’s Sall: The protege who toppled his mentor

Senegal's Macky Sall, a 50-year-old geologist, ended Abdoulaye Wade's tenacious rule by triumphing over his mentor.

Senegal’s Macky Sall makes his political comeback

Macky Sall has his first shot at Senegal's presidency this weekend after falling out with his mentor and now opponent, President Abdoulaye Wade.

Senegal’s century-old bridge restored to former glory

The Faidherbe bridge, a century-old emblem of Senegal's former riverside capital Saint-Louis, is being fully restored after threatening to collapse.

Senegal turns to Islam to stop child ‘disciples’ from begging

Senegal is turning to Islamic texts and the powerful sway of religious leaders to prevent children from being sent to beg by their Koranic teachers.

Guinea counts votes with relief after peaceful election

Guinea's first free election since independence was met with praise and relief on Tuesday, but observers warned the days to come were crucial.

Guinea voters turn page on 52 years of dictatorship

Four million Guineans vote on Sunday in the first democratic election in the West African nation.

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