Allen Yero Embalo

Guinea-Bissau junta defiant in the face of sanctions

Guinea-Bissau's junta and opposition parties are pushing on with plans for a lengthy transition, defying calls for a return to democracy.

Guinea-Bissau pushes on with transition council

Guinea-Bissau's junta and opposition parties have pressed on with plans for a transition, despite international calls for a return to democracy.

Guinea-Bissau junta bans protest marches

Guinea-Bissau's new ruling junta has warned of "severe repression" against any demonstrations or marches.

SA slams Guinea-Bissau military over coup d’état

South Africa has come out against the coup in Guinea-Bissau, saying it was deplorable that the military went this route despite AU-Ecowas warnings.

Army, opposition agree to share power in Guinea-Bissau

The Guinea-Bissau army and opposition parties have agreed to set up a transitional body to run the country ahead of talks with regional powers.

Guinea-Bissau rocked by coup attempt

Guinea-Bissau troops have staged a coup, attacking the prime minister's house, arresting politicians and taking over the ruling party headquarters.

Key elections held in Guinea-Bissau

Voters in Guinea-Bissau have voted for a new president in polls seen as test for the state whose chronic instability has fed a booming cocaine trade.

Guinea-Bissau president assassinated

Guinea-Bissau soldiers gunned down veteran President Joao Bernardo Vieira as he fled his home early on Monday, a military spokesperson said.

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