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/ 13 March 2008

In the mind of Motlanthe

"I have interviewed African National Congress deputy president Kgalema Motlanthe seven times between 1999 and 2008, and I have watched him change. Yes, he has been buffeted by the winds of neo-liberalism, but in my last interview with him, I see a far more forthright socialist emerging," writes Ebrahim Harvey.

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/ 29 September 2007

New architecture for the left

The moment is ripe to look to Brazil and form our own mass workers party along the lines of the Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT). The left should exploit the deepening political crisis in the ruling ANC alliance and the accompanying social crisis as is evident from the rate of community protests.

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/ 7 August 2006

Fight the scourge of ‘invisible’ violence

We celebrate National Women’s Day, as we rightly should, every year. But how do we deal with the fact that every day the bodies, minds and dignity of thousands of women are violated at the hands of their partners, in their own homes? Domestic violence has risen dramatically in post-apartheid South Africa, and by all accounts we are one of the most violent societies in the world.

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/ 5 May 2006

Where are the black thinkers of the left?

"We must encourage the growth of a cadre of black intellectuals who can produce discourses to rigorously engage with the transformation of our society. Alongside the decline of civil society we have seen the decline in black intellectual production. There is a resulting dearth of independent and committed black intellectuals," writes Ebrahim Harvey.

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/ 3 April 2006

Blade’s not that sharp

"Blade Nzimande, general secretary of the South African Communist Party, is a strange communist leader of a strange communist party. His online attack last week in the journal <i>Umsebenzi</i>, on some of the left (outside the tripartite alliance) who stood in the elections or who advocated a boycott is unbecoming," writes Ebrahim Harvey.

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/ 21 April 2005

‘The alliance has failed us’

"Yes, we may at times be battered, but we are determined to strengthen our role in the alliance. There are different social and class forces in the ANC contesting its political and policy direction. These battles are far from over, contrary to what many critics think." On the eve of the tripartite alliance summit, Ebrahim Harvey quizzes Cosatu president Willie Madisha about jobs, growth and the future of the alliance.

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/ 9 March 2005

Making the elephant listen

I wish it were possible to storm the gates of neo-liberal state power in this country, dominated by the ruling African National Congress, and declare a workers’ socialist republic. But I know with certainty that at least for the next decade there will be no such prospect. The ANC is still deeply rooted among the majority black working class and it will take a long time to uproot this support.

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/ 28 April 2004

No cause can be so noble

Is suicide bombing a gruesome but necessary method of struggle? The real question is not whether Israeli aggression against Palestinians justifies a relentless and revolutionary fight against it, but whether suicide bombings advance and strengthen this struggle or are counterproductive. A related question is whether it is possible to support a great cause but have reservations about this gruesome practice.