Ebrahim Harvey

Unpacking the myth of ANC ‘renewal’

The blame for our current crisis must be laid at the door of the ANC — but it can still redeem itself

Book extract: The Great Pretenders: Race and Class under ANC Rule

In the introduction to his book, author Ebrahim Harvey says the social crisis we have today is the result of the false understanding the ruling party has of our society and history

The charges against Zuma must be viewed in the context of the ANC leadership crisis

Many ANC leaders and officials have been implicated in allegations of corruption and other wrongdoing; Zuma’s is merely the most prominent case

Why ANC leaders ‘love’ the ANC

It is from the beneficiaries of the ANC’s ‘cadre deployment’ that you will mostly hear the fawning praises sung

Will the EFF capitalise on the ANC’s governance failures?

Good election outcomes for the party will mean Julius Malema’s dangerous racism will again receive airtime

Decolonise science at your peril

Students who want to throw Western science out of universities need to rethink their ideas

​Humanitarian and union leader Phiroshaw Camay dies aged 69

He spent two decades working to strengthen civil society, after leading two trade unions.

This June 16, remember the Black Consciousness movement – and mourn its tragic demise

It's hard to ignore the tragic demise of a movement that held and had so much meaning and potential.

Vavi must account for his role in Cosatu’s demise

Ebrahim Harvey challenges the former leader of the labour federation to examine his role in its unravelling.

The rise of a new black racism in South Africa

We need to interrogate the intersecting race-class pendulum more to be able to see some very interesting omissions in our often very heated discourses

Numsa’s new federation still a pipe dream

In trying to set up a new alliance and workers' party, it seems the union has taken on too much.

Why the coloured vote has been so elusive for the ANC

With local government elections a few months away the relevance of this cardinal electoral question is striking.

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