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/ 25 February 2008

Uganda says rebels break truce

Uganda on Monday accused Lord’s Resistance Army rebels of breaking a truce by attacking civilians in the Central African Republic, threatening apparent progress at talks to end one of the continent’s longest wars. Representatives of the guerrilla group denied the allegation.

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/ 1 February 2008

Ramaphosa summoned by Annan to help in Kenya

Prominent South African businessman Cyril Ramaphosa was expected in Kenya later on Friday to help mediate in talks between the government and the opposition aimed at ending a month of post-election violence. Ramaphosa led the African National Congress in negotiations with the National Party to end apartheid in the early 1990s.

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/ 1 November 2007

SA-Mozambique pipeline fuels regional growth

Four years on, a Mozambique-South African gas pipeline is fuelling economic growth and regional cooperation in Southern Africa. It challenges Western assumptions of a natural-resources "curse" in Africa and offers evidence that the New Partnership for Africa’s Development is beginning to deliver on its promises.

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/ 13 September 2007

Mbeki: Crime a symptom of ‘rapacious individualism’

The prevalence of corruption and other forms of crime in South Africa reflected a society that had embraced a culture of individualism, President Thabo Mbeki said on Wednesday. Delivering the eighth annual Steve Biko memorial lecture at the University of Cape Town, Mbeki said social ills such as corruption represented society’s rejection of positive moral values.