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Media freedom in Kenya: Analogies are being drawn with Moi’s repressive era

Until 1992 government-owned media outlets had a monopoly on radio broadcasting, and journalists critical of the former president were harassed.

Kenya inaugurates another crisis

Two men claim the title, so will the real Kenyan president please stand up?

Rights groups decry Kenya’s television shutdown

"Kenya is on a very slippery trajectory in regard to human rights, and president Kenyatta urgently needs to reverse this trend."

Kenya vote chief silent on rebel areas as uncertainty lingers

​Kenya's election board remained silent Sunday over plans to reschedule a vote in opposition areas, where a boycott sparked violent protests

Kenya’s tough choice: To vote or not to vote?

Many Kenyans opted to boycott the election rerun for reasons other than party politics

Kisumu boycotted the Kenyan elections, though they didn’t have much choice

Polling stations were shuttered and intimidation kept voters away in the Kenyan opposition stronghold

Court said nay, observers said yea: Did they jump the gun?

Five thousand observers have failed to see manipulation in the Kenyan elections.

From good to bad, and the implications of Kenya on international observation

The perception that the elections in Kenya were largely free and fair was crushed with the Supreme Court ruling yesterday.

Kenya’s addiction to scandal-prone leaders

Once again, the voters have chosen leaders tainted by scandal, though there is a small reason for hope

Kenya’s Odinga defies pressure to concede defeat

Opposition leader calls for national strike on Tuesday

Editorial: Don’t break the system for just one victory

Our myopic opposition parties are steering us into dangerous waters, and their efforts are too often being cheered on

Three August votes highlight three very different democracies

Three different countries with three different democracies are headed to elections in August. Simon Allison attempts to summarise them.

Kenyan poll haunted by the ghosts of voters passed

"It is the transparency of the voters’ register that will determine whether the elections will be free and fair"

Kenya’s pre-election jitters

The country has not forgotten the bloody aftermath of 2007-2008 and is on edge

Kenyan leaders appear at the Hague over 2007 bloodbath

Three Kenyans appearing at the International Criminal Court deny they played a part in the 2007 post-election unrest in which 1200 people were killed.

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Hawks swoop down with more arrests in R1.4-billion corruption blitz

The spate of arrests for corruption continues apace in Gauteng and the Eastern Cape.

SANDF hid R200m expenditure on ‘Covid’ drug it can’t use

Military health officials are puzzled by the defence department importing a drug that has not been approved for treating coronavirus symptoms from Cuba

Epic fail: Africa’s Fortnite battle

Forced onto the backfoot by poor ping and overseas servers, African gamers are getting creative in an attempt to play one of the biggest competitive games. In the second instalment of our gaming corner, we chat to some of the innovators

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Transport Month

An infrastructure-led recovery will help to stimulate demand in the South African economy, which is vital post the Covid-19 pandemic

Limpopo’s Economic Recovery Plan to fight Covid-19 impact

Billions have been set aside to help farmers and industries get back on their feet as part of the Limpopo Socio-Economic Recovery Plan

Disrupt the corrupt

Whistle-blowers should be seen as real heroes in the fight against corruption and we need a change in culture for this to happen

Corporates: A force for good for a sustainable future

In order to see people and nature thrive what is required is a strong focus on partnerships – we cannot act alone anymore

Combatting wildlife crime in Southern Africa activity annual programme statement (APS) No. 04

Concept papers are sought for implementating activities, for a multi-faceted programme that aims to reduce poaching and illegal trade in wildlife

The financial decisions made during your life journey, and their impact on your retirement outcome

The longer you save towards retirement the larger your retirement savings are expected to be due to the effect of compounding interest

In conversation with SA Reserve Bank Governer, Lesetja Kganyago

'Make interest rates zero and inflation goes up and then people save less – we need savings to fund investment in this country'

Secure your business from cyber threats

Many business-grade security systems now have built-in learning systems and AI to help businesses stay up to date with protection

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