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/ 15 May 2006

Kuwait Parliament breaks up in chaos

The Kuwaiti Parliament broke up in chaos on Monday when reformist MPs walked out in protest at attempts to block a redrawing of constituencies intended to counter alleged vote-buying. The reformers left the session when voting began on a motion tabled by conservative and tribal MPs that sought to refer a government-backed Bill to the Constitutional Court.

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/ 22 March 2006

First woman candidate breaks taboo in Kuwait

The first woman ever to contest elections in the conservative Persian Gulf state of Kuwait has launched her campaign by breaking a 44-year-old taboo in bringing male and female voters together. Hundreds of men and women attended the landmark event late on Tuesday which was held according to Kuwaiti tradition.

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/ 24 January 2006

Kuwait’s sick emir ousted from office

Kuwait’s Parliament on Tuesday voted ailing Emir Sheikh Saad al-Abdullah al-Sabah out of office after barely a week in power, ending one of the gravest political crises in the oil-rich state’s history. Sheikh Saad’s powers were transferred to the government on an interim basis after the unanimous vote.

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/ 10 January 2006

US sees Iraqi oil production choked for years

Iraq has vast hydrocarbon potential that could rival major producers such as Saudi Arabia and Russia, but United States government analysts are predicting that Iraqi oil production development will remain thwarted for years to come. Its enormous reserves of an estimated 115-billion barrels of proven crude are the world’s third largest after those of the Saudi Kingdom and Canada.

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/ 11 December 2005

Saudi Arabia: ‘No need to change oil output’

Oil heavyweight Saudi Arabia set the tone on Sunday on the eve of an Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec) meeting on prices and production, saying there is no need to change present output at least for the first quarter of 2006. Opec is currently pumping about 30-million barrels a day of crude, a third of world demand.

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/ 24 November 2005

Foreigners in Kuwait need a degree to drive

Foreigners in oil-rich Kuwait must be university graduates and draw a salary of not less than $1 370 a month in order to obtain a driver’s licence, the interior ministry said on Thursday. The new rules, which are effective immediately, are designed to reduce the number of vehicles on roads in the Gulf state which have recently seen serious bottlenecks and accidents.

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/ 14 September 2005

Survival of the fittest in Gulf aviation market

A new airline will soon take to the skies in Kuwait but only the leanest of the Gulf’s growing number of carriers will survive the cut-throat competition in the region’s oil-rich market, analysts said on Wednesday. Most of the nine airlines owned by the six Gulf Arab states, which this year are forecast to boast -billion in windfall oil revenues, depend on government support and tax breaks.

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/ 11 October 2004

The great Kuwait sex debate

Kuwait’s Appeals Court on Monday overturned a landmark verdict by a lower court granting a Kuwaiti who underwent sex-change surgery the right to register as a female, a lawyer said. The lower court, in the first verdict of its kind in conservative Kuwait, agreed in April to a request by Ahmad, a Kuwaiti male.

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/ 21 September 2004

Ghostly goings-on in Kuwait prison

Inmates and guards at Kuwait’s central jail asked for help from state and prison authorities to rid two cell blocks from what they believe to be ghosts, the al-Siyassa newspaper reported on Tuesday. Some of the ghosts are said to be appearing at night with incomplete bodies and flying through the air.

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/ 1 July 2004

Saddam upsets Kuwaiti ‘dogs’

Kuwait’s information minister has slammed Saddam Hussein for defending Iraq’s 1990 invasion of its Gulf neighbour during his Thursday court appearance and said the former Iraqi leader should be executed. ”The criminal still believes he is the president of Iraq,” Mohammed Abul-Hassan said in Kuwait.