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/ 31 July 2006

Risky election for Congolese

For a country with an unelected hereditary leader, there is a blunt irony in calling itself the Democratic Republic of Congo. This vast swath of Central Africa is many things — a failed state, a humanitarian crisis, a natural resource bounty — but a representative democracy it is not. That may be about to change with Sunday’s vote — the first multi-party elections in 40 years.

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/ 3 June 2005

Mine cave-ins claim 22 in DRC

Two cave-ins at a gold mine killed at least 22 miners late last month at Lunga in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) Katanga province, local officials said on Friday. Those who died in the successive accidents on May 28 and 30 were local gold-diggers working at the mine near the town of Kalemie.

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/ 23 April 2005

New plan to deal with armed groups in DRC

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda and Uganda have agreed to put an end to the presence of armed groups in the DRC that pose a threat to all of them, the DRC government said on Friday. Rwanda’s deputy minister of foreign affairs confirmed that there is a commitment ”to work in close collaboration”.