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From ‘academic boys’ to ‘sex-jaros’: What it means to be a black boy in a South African township

Toxic masculinities help drive everything from HIV infection rates to gender-based violence. But before we ask, what does it mean to be a ‘man’ in South Africa, should we wonder what it’s like to be a boy?

Slice of life: I’m a  ‘neguinho’  who is really good

'I don’t blame them, really, because doing ballet — especially for men — is not really part of our culture'

Watch where you put your hands, oaf !

Men need to overhaul learnt views of their power over and rights to women

Why is male rage sacrosanct?

Hurt people hurt people, but one trauma should never justify another. Men are supposed to be understood;the rest of us must simply understand

Usable traditions: The queering of Xhosa men’s initiation

Initiation practices might offer a moment of self-discovery for queer Xhosa men

Meeting men halfway: Clinics are going mobile to reach the toughest patients

For decades, we’ve struggled to solve the riddle: How do you get reluctant men to test for HIV. Could we finally have an answer?

Exposing a culture’s wounds

It’s been fêted around the world, but Inxeba’s smashed stereotypes will cause a stir locally

Questions we should be asking ourselves

Honest answers to gender and sexual expression

Bridging the gap between ‘academese’ and our mother tongues

"A little rummaging through history shows us that the earliest forms of African feminism existed in pre-colonial Africa"

Beware of the progressive patriarch

"For the progressive patriarch, the sole political priority in South Africa is achieving racial equality."

In whose shadow will my boy be grown?

As parents and men conditioned by our destructive society, how do we better our children’s experiences?

The war at home

I live in Kenya but I can’t return to South Africa until women can walk freely on its streets without being harassed, raped or killed

What will save us?

"What is the bro code for learning, unlearning and relearning humanity? Must we be called ugly and trash before we begin to see the light?"

If we are going to fight back, we can’t use men’s tools

"The fight ahead of us is unprecedented because it’s not a government, a masked criminal, a different ethnic or religious group “out there”."

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‘Captured’ water utility exec holes up

Thami Hlongwa seems to be in hiding after a blacklisted technology company scored millions from Umgeni Water and the owner was murdered

Q&A Sessions: ‘Media isn’t dying, it’s changing’

Phuti Mahanyele-Dabengwa, chief executive of global internet company Naspers, has held senior posts in investment and development banking. She tells Tshegofatso Mathe about her family life in Soweto and her career, including with Cyril Ramaphosa before he went back to politics

Mboweni says no more Zondo funding as court extends commission’s lifespan

The finance minister suggests money should be found from the cash-strapped justice department

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