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/ 9 January 2008

Will Dakar Rally run through the Andes?

The Amazonian rainforest and the Andes mountains could replace the African desert as South America vies to stage the Dakar Rally. Argentina, Brazil and Chile are looking into the possibility of hosting the race later this year and there are also talks about a race through several South American countries and climate zones.

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/ 15 November 2007

Big earthquake kills two in Chile, hits mining

A powerful earthquake hit mineral-rich northern Chile on Wednesday, killing at least two people, injuring more than 100 and halting output at some of the world’s largest copper mines. Two people were confirmed dead and 117 were injured in the magnitude 7,7 quake, which raised massive dust clouds in Chile’s mountainous north

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/ 28 October 2007

First lady of Argentina ready to be the new Evita

Cristina Kirchner is poised to triumph in Argentina’s presidential election on Sunday after a radical makeover that has redefined political glamour. The first lady and frontrunner has transformed herself into a style pin-up, but her designer suits, spiky heels, extensive make-up and alleged cosmetic surgery became campaign issues when rivals dubbed her the ”Queen of Botox”.