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/ 17 December 2007

The writing’s on the T-shirt

<a href=""><img src="" align=left border=0></a>Thousands of delegates to the ANC’s 52nd national conference converged on Polokwane International Airport on Saturday to register in a cavernous hangar for the event. The regi­stration hangar was a free-for-all for groups supporting either Thabo Mbeki or Jacob Zuma.

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/ 16 December 2007

All aboard for Polokwane conference

<a href=""><img src="" align=left border=0></a>The first group of delegates to the African National Congress’s 52nd national conference arrived at the University of Limpopo on Sunday. Singing and clapping, the delegates from the North West Province said they would vote for party president Thabo Mbeki. "Mbeki is the most rational leader, we have ever had. We are just here to affirm the third term [for Mbeki]."

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/ 24 October 2007

ANC backs media diversity

The South African Broadcasting Corporation would be within its rights not to run a story on Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, but media diversity is important in ensuring that other outlets can run it if they choose to, African National Congress (ANC) politician and businessman Saki Macozoma said on Tuesday.

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/ 23 October 2007

Great debate about Manto records

Under no circumstances should a patient’s medical records be disclosed unless he or she gives personal consent, a seminar hosted by the South African Human Rights Commission was told on Tuesday. A panel was discussing the implications of articles published by the Sunday Times about Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang.

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/ 30 September 2007

To debate is more important than to win

Rapule Tabane writes of the diversity among black voices (Mail & Guardian, September 21 2007) but after reading his article I was left with more questions than answers. Questions such as: What shade of opinion accurately reflects the media? How is it that the ”many shades of opinion” and ”many unwinnable debates” end up in just one debate between just two kinds of opinion, right (media) and wrong (media critics)?