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/ 20 May 2008

Brazil’s future is here at last

Sitting in his air-conditioned office in Guaranta do Norte, a remote agricultural town on the edge of the Amazon rainforest, local mayor José Humberto Macedo looked a contented man. Thanks largely to the global boom in commodities, this soya-growing region has come to the vanguard of Brazil’s march on to the world stage.

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/ 22 October 2007

The Amazon burns again

Veteran Amazon pilots such as Fernando Galvao Bezerra are hard men to shock. During 20 years in aviation Bezerra (45) has ferried prostitutes and wildcat miners to remote, lawless goldmines. He has taxied wealthy loggers between ranches, and once survived when his plane plummeted out of the sky.

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/ 30 October 2006

Brazil plans fund to save rainforest

Plans for a global fund to help contain rainforest destruction and slash carbon emissions will be unveiled next month by the Brazilian government. The project, by which rich nations would offer financial incentives to developing countries that combat deforestation, will be announced at a convention on climate change in Nairobi.