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Interest in unit trusts at all-time high

Investors have been attracted by the industry's performance spurred by strong market growth.

Levelling the savings playing field

Tax increases on capital gains and dividends will hurt big savers, not middle-income earners.

Short-term gains offer no guarantees

In the longer term, nothing beats stock picking, sector rotation and timing, experts advise.

Beware of being over diversified

For every new investment you take out you incur additional costs. You should rather look to consolidate than spread yourself too thinly.

Solving SA’s savings dilemma

The South African Reserve Bank Quarterly Bulletin (March 2011) reveals that the country's gross household savings rate is a mere 1.5% of GDP.

Maximising investment return

There are enough options to make the "where to invest your discretionary savings" question very tough indeed.

Can I switch unit trusts in my RA?

Use the opportunity to rebalance your portfolio but not to chase returns.

Saving for a child’s education

Saving for your child's education: Exchange traded funds, Fundisa or unit trusts?

Defensive investing

When investing for a three-year period you need to opt for a low-risk fund with no upfront fees.

Making an investment choice

There are so many investment choices, it is impossible to know where to start. You need to have a strategy.

Choosing the right investment

Two readers want to start saving but don't know where to begin.

Investors can diversify with passive investments

Absa provides an opportunity to invest retirement funds in lower-cost ETFs.

Building an investment portfolio

How to diversify your investment across different investment styles

Watch those reoccuring fees

Can a bank just take fees every time I invest my money?

Should I invest now?

Two readers want to know whether they should invest in the markets now.

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Traditional healers need new spaces

Proper facilities supported by well-researched cultural principles will go a long way to improving the image and perception of the practice of traditional medicine

Limpopo big-game farmer accused of constant harassment

A family’s struggle against alleged intimidation and failure to act by the authorities mirrors the daily challenges farm dwellers face

Zondo tightens his grip with criminal complaint against Zuma

The state capture commission’s star witness now faces a criminal complaint and another summons

Press Releases

Western Cape SMBs look to technology to get them through pandemic

Many companies have over-capitalised on IT infrastructure in the past, and are looking for ways to access simpler, cheaper technology that cuts their costs

Land reform still a hot potato

The land has got to belong to all the people of South Africa, and many believe that there’s no other mechanism for that except expropriation

UP chemical pathology scientists develop ground-breaking nanobodies for Covid-19 detection and therapy

Nanobodies are smaller than conventional antibodies and easier to work with so they are ideal for good cheap sensitive rapid tests for Covid-19

Inclusion as learned experience in higher education

Understanding the complexity of intersections between oppressions relating to race and gender is key to any commitment to creating a culture of inclusion and social justice

Local government in crisis: how it can be fixed

Local governments are supposed to promote non-racial development, in a decentralised manner, but the reality does not match up

Covid-19 accelerates adoption of technology by the African property sector

It’s not the technology itself that is valuable, it’s the opportunities that it creates: this may be the perfect time for reinvention


From 23 to 30 November 2020, simply purchase any BMW bearing the number “8” and you could be one of eight lucky people to drive off with R80 000

Introducing Sabinet Judgments

A well-rounded view of reported and unreported judgments supplemented by an advanced system to enable users to rapidly find the information they require