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Day Zero: Lessons for cities in Global South

For Cape Town to survive, it needs more than just a good technical approach to managing water

Water supply is restored to some,  the rest have to forage for theirs

A month after heavy storms tore through KwaZulu-Natal, Paddy Harper and Delwyn Verasamy visited some villages still do not have water

Here are the City of Cape Town’s guidelines for Level 3 water usage

Tariffs will also be lowered. If residents use less than 6 000 litres per month, they can expect to pay 35.5% less

Crisis proofing South Africa’s water security

South Africa is a water stressed country but crisis point can be avoided

City of Cape Town requests relaxation of water restrictions

Cape Town deputy mayor Ian Neilson said the national water and sanitation department would respond to the city’s request on August 31

South Africa does not need the help of Israel to solve our drought

I believe that Israel does not see Palestinians as humans. But in South Africa we believe that access to clean water is the constitutional right

I’m alright, Jack — I’ve got a borehole

'​The approach of Day Zero has put Capetonians into panic mode and suburbia is getting distinctly nervous'

​Day Zero pushed back from April 16 to May 11

Day Zero has been pushed back until May 11 because farmers in the province have used up their allocated supply

The urgent need for a water infrastructure investment initiative

It is vital to begin plotting a way forward as the next step

Resolutions adopted at the conference

Innovative solutions are required for water leakages and non-revenue water, which is as high as 40%

Carpe Diem: Time to design a new water future

Southern Africa's foreseeable future will be characterised by a lower than average precipitation

Ministerial address: Minister of Water and Sanitation Nomvula Mokonyane

The low levels of water security are a paramount threat to the economy

‘We have experience in drought management’— Umgeni Water defends appointment

​Umgeni Water has maintained that it has a wealth of expertise in drought management following talk about its role in the water crisis in Cape Town

#WaterRestrictions: Just enough to keep South Africa afloat, if it rains by October

The tougher water restrictions in Johannesburg should be enough to survive the last of the drought. But it’s a stopgap measure.

Johannesburg Water implements heavy water restrictions, urges residents to be frugal

Under Level 2 restrictions, homes that use between 20 000 and 30 000-litres of water a month will pay 10% more on their water bills.

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Zuma foundation claims ex-president was prepared to testify, but Zondo played politics

Zuma’s namesake organisation twists facts and the law – he told Zondo he would answer questions but only in private to the deputy chief justice

President urges caution against more contagious Covid variant as SA moves to level 1

The curfew is shorter, alcohol sale times almost normal and more people can meet at religious, social, political and cultural gatherings

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Ingonyama Trust Board chairperson Jerome Ngwenya has challenged the audit process in the face of a series of unfavourable ratings

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