/ 1 June 2023

‘This is Jo’burg’ Season1 Episode 4: School of Crime

Joburg Podcast 4

While Charles Leonard hates it when people call his beloved city the “crime capital” of South Africa, he can’t deny how inescapable crime is. It’s like a bad luck lottery – you don’t know if or when it may draw your name.

In this episode he hangs out with two people who know a thing or two about crime in Jo’burg: the city’s top crime reporter and a feared gangster who was convicted for multiple murders.

They give him their unique takes on Jo’burg’s bad reputation.

Host: Charles Leonard

Guests: Everson Luhanga; Ndumiso Thinto

Photograph: Charles Leonard


Compiled, produced, hosted & engineered by Charles Leonard.

Recorded in May 2023 for the Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study (JIAS).


  1. Kalahari Surfers feat. M21 – Gangsta
  2. Coolio – Gangsta’s Paradise (Instrumental)
  3. Lab Dub – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly In Dub
  4. Sly5thAve – Nuthin’ But a “G” Thang
  5. Turbulence – Notorious
  6. David Axelrod – Cast Your Fate to the Wind