It's a boy: The royal baby is here


After 10 hours in labour, the Duchess of Cambridge has spent the first night together with her new son and her husband, Prince William.

It's a boy: The royal baby is here

Credit where it's due

Staff Reporter

Can you tell the difference between a real e-mail from PayPal, warning you that your credit card is about to expire, and a fake e-mail asking for your bank account details? It is getting increasingly difficult, and a mistake could have unfortunate financial consequences.

Carney in a class of her own

Paula Cocozza

When 17-year-old English winger Karen Carney took the free-kick that was deflected into the Finland goal for England's first goal and then, when all seemed lost after her side had conceded an 89th-minute equaliser, calmly powered in the winner, people started talking about her talent.

Uefa gives hope to Liverpool

Daniel Taylor

Liverpool appear to be winning their battle to play in next season's Champions League, albeit starting off in the qualifying rounds. The idea of fast-tracking them into the group stages was described this week as "remote" but Uefa is looking at other ways of bending the rules and an announcement may be made soon.

UK plans to slash Iraq force over the next year

Staff Reporter

Britain and the United States are privately planning to withdraw most of their forces from Iraq by early next year, according to a secret memo written by John Reid, the United Kingdom defence secretary. Under the plans, Britain will cut the number of its troops from the present 8 500 to 3 000 by the middle of next year.