“Rather fail than not try anything at all, for that I know where my mistakes are and correct them.”


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Mercia Wechoemang, who was born in Kimberley, is a film producer, and events and artists manager at Wall of Arts Trading. Now 33, she started working at the age of 19 as a debt collector at a call centre and studied sports management. From these beginnings Mercia has gone on to become the first black female film producer to produce a documentary and shoot it in Kimberley. Called “The Spirit”, it celebrates the life and times of one of South Africa’s iconic figures, Frances Baard, who was born in Kimberley and fought against the apartheid regime, taking part in the 1956 Women’s March to the Union Buildings and participating in the drafting of the Freedom Charter. The documentary has won two international awards. Mercia’s purpose in the arts and entertainment is multifaceted, and one is to be behind the scenes creating magic and telling stories. She has created a space for artists in her hometown to get opportunities outside the Northern Cape and has shared information on funding, and on film gigs. Mercia believes that to succeed a person should find their purpose, fight for it, and focus on it. She says there is no short road to success and only hard work, determination, discipline and working smart will lead to success. Mercia believes in never giving up on dreams. Hers is to create jobs for creatives and have her own media and production house. She says the one childhood memory that keeps her striving for success is her mother always told her to pray and, most importantly, to pray for wisdom.

  • Started working at the age of 19 as a debt collector at a call centre, assisting my parents financially since my late dad was retrenched.
  • Sports management at Boston College 
  • Sports management, NQF Level 6, Unisa

  • Two international film awards from the UK: Best Film Article Published from Airflix Film Festival and Best Short Documentary from Bright International Film Festival. 
  • Selected for Lift-Off Global Network First-Time Filmmakers Showcase for The Spirit documentary, which celebrates the life and times of Frances Baard, a woman who fought against apartheid and took part in drafting the Freedom Charter.

Prayer. How my late Mom always told us to pray regardless of what and most importantly pray for wisdom.

Find your purpose, fight for it, and focus on it. Never give up on your dreams and there is no short road to success. Hard work, determination, discipline, and working smart will lead you to achieve your dreams.

Where entrepreneurs and creatives have assisted our South African government to create more jobs. A country where education is free and with no unemployment. A free and safe health care system. A country where crime against humanity does not exist. No gender-based violence against women and children. Young people occupy seats in parliament as ministers and deputy ministers, and in private companies. Where our mineral resources are kept in the country to sustain us. Seeing more filmmakers from Kimberley given an opportunity by media and film production houses to produce content. Local talent artists from Kimberley are on big stages and performing.

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