“The sky offers every star a place to shine, so also does the earth create space for all to succeed- life journey.”

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Jane Mpholo Pty Ltd & Vukallective

Jane Mpholo, 33, is a multi-disciplinary performance artist and audience development specialist at the Performing Arts Centre of the Free State (PACOFS). She is passionate about creating employment and helping others make a career out of their art. She has been involved in skills trading programmes and social inclusivity intiatives, especially concerning gender-based violence. Through her work, she has given voices to thousands of people and has established a broad social services assistance network for those in need. Her highlights as a multilingual writer include being selected as one of the top five playwrights nationally for the NATi rising stars project for upcoming playwrights for her contemporary poetic script ‘The Dawn’ which debuted at the 2022 Suidoosterfees. Jane is the founder of Jane Mpholo (pty) Ltd and co-director at Vukallective. As a strategist, she is remarkable at adapting to change and rethinking approaches. During the pandemic, she successfully entered the digital space and added filmmaking to her resume. Among her multiple film, theatre and altruistic nominations and awards; a notable mention is her three kykNET Fiesta nominations — being recognised by the Afrikaans arts industry as an English/Sotho artist creating cutting-edge work transcending language and culture. Jane is a pioneer and changemaker who actively contributes to, and advocates for, transformation in the arts.

  • BA Drama and Theatre Arts – University of the FS
  • Cultural Producing – BASA
  • Creative Economy e-learning – British Council
  • Leading Beyond Authority e-learning – Common Purpose

  • lm 69 theatre production: National Theatre and School Tour, Global Leadership Summit. 
  • Inside Education’s Shining Star 2022-Art Activist in 
  • Sunday World Unsung Heroes 2022 – Playwright 
  • African Women Playwright Network – Top 20 Longlist for 2022 
  • Cleanse short film         Selected as 1 of 5 works in the film category of 2022 Woordfees TV, DStv channel 150.         Showcased at Chicago International Film Festival (USA), Top Indie Film Awards (Japan), Actor and Director Film Festival (Russia) 2022         Awards: Best Writing, Best Music, Best Message – Top Indie Film Awards (Japan) 2022         Nominations: Best Festival Production (Theatre) – KykNET Fiësta 2022; Best Actress, Best Short, Best Editing – Top Indie Film Awards (Japan) 2022         Winner: Best International short film competition – Rameshwaram Festival (India) 2021 
  • NATi Yong Sterre Playwright- 2021/22 
  • Love Life FS Role Model in the arts sector– 2020/21 
  • BASA Debut Programme Silver Smarties Award – 2020 
  • KykNET Fiësta Best Up and Coming Artist and Best Ensemble nominations – The Island, 2019 
  • Mail & Guardian Women Changing South Africa – 2019  
  • Vrystaat Arts Festival Best Artist and Best Production nominations – The Island, 2019 
  • Vrystaat Arts Festival Best Flagship Production nomination – Alpha, 2018 
  • Runner up for Elza Kratz Best Artistic Presentation – 2012 
  • 4-star review (overall average) regarding the self-published book Exclusives – debut 2015, Kyknet Blue Fiesta Award for contribution on Litnet Stemme/Voices series of monologues, Tankwa Artscape artists in Residency, Top 15 Time of the Writer short story prize

My father was always proud of me and cheered me when I joined a community arts group. His joy always fulfilled me. The way he would imitate my moves and look at my performance pictures was heartwarming. He is also the one who would dance and talk with pride after I had finished reading a book. To be honest, I never would have guessed that I would follow the arts, but that memory fulfills me now, it makes more sense than it ever did. He saw in me what I couldn’t see in myself. He and many family members have passed on and I used art for healing, I use art to feel them closer. I just really want to make them proud.

Be kind to yourself and draw strength from the lessons learned from your downfalls. You need to believe in yourself and stand your ground because your feelings are valid and your voice matters.

Inclusive. I feel like we still have a long way to go in terms of what it means to have a solid career in any field. So many industries are always forgotten and taken for granted especially the arts sector. This makes it difficult for the talented people to remain in the field for financial stability is not always a given. I would love to experience a SA where spaces are created and people feel welcomed.

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