‘My soul is too aligned with life to give up. A thousand apocalypses could not end you.’

Ayanda Vabaza-Mvandaba



Organisation / Company

Drink Nil, Kwandiso Consulting


The latest project of self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur Ayanda Vabaza-Mvandaba, 33, is non-alcoholic beverage e-commerce company Drink Nil. It provides these beverages for festivals and events and develops tasting and pairing menus for the hospitality industry. As the chief executive and managing partner, Ayanda’s role is to chart the strategic course for Drink Nil, aligning business goals with market trends and emerging opportunities. She is also a consultant under the banner of Kwandiso Consulting, the managing partner of Youth Bridge and the co-founder of the Langa Siphe Foundation. She is “proud to be involved with the Youth Bridge programme, which bridges the gap between unemployed youths in townships and their untapped potential”, helping them to find jobs. “I am driven by the desire to leave a lasting legacy, not just of financial success, but of empowerment. I’ve opened doors for women, black and marginalised people, and I’m determined to keep building tables where everyone has a seat,” says Ayanda. She is excited to be in the non-alcoholic beverages industry because they have the potential to revolutionise social gatherings, promote healthier lifestyles and offer inclusive options for those who choose not to consume alcohol.


B Accounting; B Accounting (Hons); CA (SA)


I am a passionate social entrepreneur, deeply committed to community-based projects. One initiative I hold close to my heart is the Youth Bridge programme, powered by Christel House South Africa. This programme bridges the gap between unemployed youth in townships and their untapped potential, connecting them to the world of work.

I am incredibly proud of Youth Bridge’s tangible and intangible impact. Beyond providing earning and learning opportunities, it transforms lives. It has illuminated the hidden cost of unemployment, which, according to Youth Capital, averages R1 027 per month for job seekers. This highlights the harsh reality of choosing between necessities like food and the tools needed for job hunting.

Youth Bridge not only offers a pathway but also essential financial support, enabling young participants to sustain their job search and successfully enter the workforce.


Throughout my journey, I’ve been fortunate to have numerous mentors and role models — remarkable individuals from diverse backgrounds who have taught me the importance of social connection. They have championed my name in spaces I couldn’t access, offered support and guidance and, most importantly, been unwavering allies in my corner. My mother, Mrs Vabaza, who is a magistrate and one of the best in her field, has always shown me what it means to be excellent.