“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” — Winston Churchill

Sfundo Andile Gcaba



Organisation / Company

Litebruim Group


As the founder and chief executive of lighting company Litebruim Group, 25-year-old Sfundo Andile Gcaba’s job entails overseeing everything from business development and financial management to team leadership and customer relations. Load-shedding was the inspiration for creating Litebruim. “Witnessing the disruption it caused, I was driven to create innovative lighting solutions with internal battery back-ups, providing continuous illumination during outages and helping communities navigate through challenging times,” he says. Sustainability is important to the company and it is continuously seeking ways to minimise its environmental footprint and maximise energy efficiency through cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices. “At our lighting business, we’re not just illuminating spaces; we’re illuminating the future,” he says. Sfundo is involved in projects focused on smart energy and water-management systems that optimise energy and water usage, reduce waste and enhance efficiency. He says: “What excites me most is the potential to create transformative solutions that address pressing global challenges, from climate change to resource scarcity.”


While I didn’t pursue formal education beyond high school, my journey in business has been driven by a deep passion and innate talent. With hands-on experience gained through real-world challenges, I’ve honed my skills in areas such as strategic planning, financial management, marketing and leadership. My entrepreneurial spirit and relentless drive have led me to successfully navigate the complexities of the business world, adapting and innovating along the way. I’ve cultivated a deep understanding of market dynamics, customer needs and industry trends through practical experience and continuous learning. My track record of accomplishments speaks to my ability to thrive in dynamic environments and deliver results. Through dedication, perseverance, and a commitment to excellence, I’ve proved my worth as a capable and resourceful business professional, ready to tackle any challenge that comes my way.


At our lighting business, we’re not just illuminating spaces; we’re illuminating the future. Our innovative approach to lighting solutions has revolutionised the industry, setting new standards for efficiency, reliability and versatility. Central to our success is our groundbreaking internal battery backup system, a game-changer that ensures uninterrupted illumination, even during power outages. This feature not only enhances safety and security but also offers peace of mind to our customers, knowing that their spaces will remain well-lit no matter the circumstances.

But we didn’t stop there. We also incorporated dimmable features into our products, giving users unparalleled control over their lighting environments. Whether they’re creating ambiance in a cosy living room or optimising productivity in a workspace, our dimmable lighting solutions empower users to tailor the lighting to their specific needs and preferences.

Our commitment to innovation doesn’t end with our products. We’re dedicated to sustainability, continuously seeking ways to minimise our environmental footprint and maximise energy efficiency. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices, we’re not only brightening spaces but also contributing to a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come.

With our internal battery backup system, dimmable features, and unwavering dedication to innovation and sustainability, we’re not just lighting up rooms; we’re lighting up possibilities, transforming the way people experience and interact with their environments. Welcome to the future of lighting.


There are several mentors and role models who have greatly influenced my entrepreneurial journey. Their guidance, wisdom and encouragement have been invaluable in shaping my mindset and approach to business. From seasoned entrepreneurs who shared their experiences and insights to industry leaders who demonstrated excellence and innovation, each mentor has provided valuable lessons and inspiration. Their mentorship has helped me navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and stay motivated during tough times. By observing their resilience, determination, and passion for their craft, I’ve been inspired to push myself beyond my limits and strive for greatness in everything I do. Their support and guidance have not only accelerated my personal and professional growth but have also instilled in me a deep sense of gratitude and a commitment to paying it forward by mentoring others on their own entrepreneurial journeys.