“You have the entire universe within you.” — Rumi

Iman Ganijee



Organisation / Company

Sari for Change and The Alternative


Iman Ganijee, 30, an entrepreneur committed to sustainable fashion and social progress, co-leads the brand Sari for Change with her mother, her mentor and role model. Together they pioneered a circular economy model by repurposing saris into unique pieces, while addressing societal concerns. Central to Sari for Change’s ethos is Iman’s commitment to waste reduction. She is the business developer and creative director of Sari for Change while also running her agency — The Alternative — which mentors youth in digital skills and entrepreneurship. She says recognition at COP28 for advancing circular economies and Sari for Change’s partnership with Pick n Pay Clothing stand as testament to their effectiveness. She is also proud of the difference Sari for Change has made by empowering 120 women to self-sufficiency, while salvaging 15 000 saris from landfills and repurposing more than 8  000 into innovative products. Her latest creation, the Imanii Puffer, made from Maasai blankets and saris, is a symbol of cultural fusion. Iman says this was inspired by her background: born in Kenya to a Yemeni-Indian father and Indian-Malay South African mother.


BComm with majors in philosophy, politics, and eEconomics, University of the Witwatersrand
BA (Honors) in politics, University of the Witwatersrand


I am proud of my journey with Sari for Change, brand positioning it from a simple initiative to a global brand in social entrepreneurship. I shifted the brand’s strategic direction to spotlight climate change, sustainability and evolving identities through compelling narratives.
I treasure my collaborative efforts with my mother to extend our legacy and venture into new markets.
Beyond fashion, I mentor youth in digital skills and entrepreneurship through my company, The Alternative. These accomplishments not only mark personal triumphs but also underscore my commitment to catalysing positive change in youth entrepreneurship across South Africa.


My mom has been a profound role model and mentor in my life, teaching me to never be a victim of circumstances and to rise above adversity. Her journey, marked by sacrifice and strength, has shown me the value of turning obstacles into positives. She instilled in me a love for continuous learning and the importance of being a source of positive change. Her resilience and ability to transform challenges into opportunities have shaped my values and approach to life, motivating me to overcome difficulties and contribute meaningfully to the world.