“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.” — An African proverb

Margo Faith Fargo



Organisation / Company

Margo Fargo International


Margo Faith Fargo, 32, is a model who has used her career to promote environmental sustainability. She is the founder of two start-up companies operating under the group Margo Fargo International.

Far_Go straws is a sustainable steel straw company that specialises in personalising and supplying a plastic-free alternative. Grinda Coffee is a proudly South African company that specialises in roasting African grown coffee beans from Uganda and Ethiopia to small hotels and holds pop-up events with other companies. Margo’s work involves marketing decisions for renewable energy companies and small businesses to elevate their messages.

As a model she is not only in front of the camera; she uses her influence to champion sustainable practices in the fashion industry. Margo, who has a BSc Honours in consumer sciences in sustainability, works with companies such as the Cotton On Foundation and Polo South Africa that have given her a platform to champion environmental initiatives. She is also involved in recycling projects at schools and solar garden projects with educational institutions. Margo also works with a global foundation on a reforestation project.


BSc Consumer Sciences, University of the Free State
BSc Honours Consumer Sciences in Sustainability, University of the Free State


I tend to focus on each project as a proud moment but I will focus on the most recent project where Grinda Coffee Co had the opportunity to collaborate with Power Africa and their Southern Africa programme. We supplied them with 250 bags of locally and freshly roasted coffee for the event and hope to further expand our footprint within various spaces that will help further give platform for the bigger goal at hand. The win is that a startup that was launched in the middle of a pandemic has made pivotal strides and shows a promising end goal. Promoting sustainably sourced products, as well as in the long run training and empowering the youth with a skill set to be part of this consumer industry.


I find them every day in the most unfamiliar environments. They have provided me with guidance, patience and safe spaces to move confidently and learn without feeling inadequate. I have made it a priority to not romanticise a mentor, but to find them in times where I get the opportunity to talk to them and ask questions.