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Bulawayo, a city of adventures and misadventures, teens, knives and murders

The city’s youth turned scripts about gangster and the stories told by their uncles of life in Jozi into their own daily experiences

Bulawayo’s streets an open-air pesticide market

Faced with the breakdown in essential services and poverty, people have turned to buying and selling illicit poisons.

Two fatalities after Bulawayo blast

Two people have died from injuries sustained in Saturday’s attack, according to a hospital official

[From our archives] Industrial empire Bulawayo reduced to a ghost town

Bulawayo turns 120 this year but the city has little to celebrate after its once-thriving economic sector has all but crumbled.

Bulawayo denies disease risk as rationing remains in place

The city has had to decommission its major supply dams as water levels fall to drastic levels.

Zimbabwe’s NoViolet Bulawayo shortlisted for Man Booker Prize

"We Need New Names" author NoViolet Bulawayo is one of the six authors selected for the 2013 Man Booker prize.

NoViolet Bulawayo makes Man Booker Prize longlist

Zimbabwean writer NoViolet Bulawayo is the only African on the Booker longlist that includes celebrated authors like Colm Tóibín and Jim Crace.

Bulawayo’s taps tightened as water shortage bites

Bulawayo's water woes are set to mount, with its city council indicating that it will be extending water restrictions from three days a week to four.

Bulawayo orders ‘big flush’ amid water rationing

Bulawayo has ordered its residents to flush toilets at the same time once a week to prevent blockages during frequent periods of water rationing.

Youths target empty buildings in Bulawayo

Zanu-PF youths in collaboration with senior party bigwigs are spearheading the illegal invasion of buildings and properties in Bulawayo.

Bulawayo man arrested for human trafficking

A 32-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly smuggling 21 children into South Africa through an illegal crossing point along the Limpopo River.

Author’s Notes: NoViolet Bulawayo

Zimbabwe's NoViolet Bulawayo, who won the 2011 Caine Prize for African Writing, talks about readers, writers and writing.

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