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Chad le Clos’ deep waters of depression

The South African swimmer went through a dip in performance last year after a traumatic experience left him struggling mentally.

Chad’s children work to survive

The African country is the third least developed in the world, forcing parents having to send their children to work

Chad on edge after Déby’s death

The sudden death of Chad’s president, who had ruled for 30 years, has left palpable tension and a lack of security in the air

Chad faces an uncertain future

Idriss Déby’s son takes power after strongman father dies in battle a day after his re-election

Chad’s president Deby dies in combat: army

Chad's newly re-elected President Idriss Deby Itno, in power for three decades, died Tuesday of injuries while fighting rebels in the north of the Sahel country

How Chadwick Boseman inspired Africa’s first black skeleton racer

Inspired by Chadwick Boseman’s portrayal of King T’Challa in ‘Black Panther’, Akwasi Frimpong set out to make his look, and impact, rich, black and cross-cultural

Obituary: The pointillist detail and zen brush strokes of Jürgen Schadeberg

‘Drum’ photographer Jürgen Schadenberg, who died on Sunday, displayed a profound humanism, writes his friend and sometime collaborator Hazel Friedman

Tensions flare near Chad’s precarious northern border

Tibesti has long been fertile ground for rebellions in Chad. Is another one coming?

The age of schadenfreude is at its prime

The plot sickens with Liverpool forced to sit on the sidelines rooting for the failure of a rival team

Chad’s strongman gets even stronger

Chadian lawmakers on Monday April 30 passed a controversial change to the country’s Constitution

Black rhino to return to Chad after South Africa deal

Six black rhino, who are listed as critically endangered, will be moved to Chad in 2018.

Chad is the country most vulnerable to climate change – here’s why

Of the 186 countries assessed in a recent survey of climate vulnerability, Chad was rated most in peril.

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