Hazel Friedman

Leora Farber: Up close and uncomfortably personal

Leora Farber’s current installation at Iziko South African National Gallery unleashes a plethora of associations and emotions

Review: Sam Msibi’s perilous dance on the frontlines

Lensman Sam Msibi’s memoir, The Accidental Frontline Journalist, reveals a life irrevocably bound to South Africa’s history

Obituary: The pointillist detail and zen brush strokes of Jürgen Schadeberg

‘Drum’ photographer Jürgen Schadenberg, who died on Sunday, displayed a profound humanism, writes his friend and sometime collaborator Hazel Friedman

Caught at last, a brazen Jo’burg con artist must face the music

For years it seemed to all those people caught in Tracy Morrison’s intricate webs of deceit that she would never be called to account

Hope dwindles for women imprisoned in Thailand for drug trafficking

Govt seems reluctant to agree to allow South Africans sentenced abroad to serve part of their sentences at home. Hazel Friedman reports on two cases.

No shortcut through the graveyard forest

A striking new documentary delves into the lives of Israelis and Palestinians living together but apart.

Voices from the land

Poverty presents several faces. There is the face puckered by financial hardship -- contorted and reconfigured, life's stress-fractures -- and the face reflecting not so much despair but a loss of hope. This is the face of many women farm workers on the bountiful wine estates of the Western Cape.

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Suzan ChalareviewsIN Joy and Peace (St Theresa's Convent, R50)In Joy and Peace is one CD you should consider adding to your collection, not only...

New evidence in Hani death plot

Hani assassination: Documents given to the Mail & Guardian point to a conspiracy beyond the right wing.

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