Real Aliens and Terror to Excuse a Police State

Remember years ago, spending twenty cents a time to play an arcade game involving a moving paddle at the bottom of the screen, a bouncing ball, and a row of bricks? No, don’t laugh - there wasn’t much else to do back then, trust me. Anyhow, you can now download a free clone of the classic Breakout game, and it’s called DX Ball 2.

More cool stuff. Like me, have you drooled over these giant TVs in shop windows and wished you had a friend in the government who could get you one? Well, there is an alternative and it seems to be a valid one.
Build your own TV projector to make a picture between 6 - 8 feet across. Mmm. Go read up on the bits and pieces you’ll need to buy at Build a TV Projector!

Did you know that over twenty years ago, aeroplanes were fitted with an anti-hijacking system that allowed for automatic remote control? Me neither. But this may have been the secret system that was hacked and used in the September 11 WTC Attacks. After a thoughtful read of the following site, you may conclude that we’re experiencing a ‘grassy knoll’ for the new Millennium. Take a long hard read at Operation Home Run.

And before you dismiss alternative theories as nuts, take a read of an article by someone at the Executive Intelligence Review, Media Brainwashing.

Then for someone with links to the intelligence community, who predicted the Sept. 11 Attack, and coincidentally happened to be on radio during the events—read the transcript or listen to Lyndon LaRouche.

And lastly, a fascinating Israeli article on the 911 Attack, called Orient Express.

But of course, the Internet can’t provide all the secrets behind the news. If it could, then I’d be able to provide a great link to a secret South African document drawn up back in 1998 by the National Intelligence Agency at the request of President Mbeki on Muslim Militants:

Luckily these documents are on servers outside the borders of South Africa, otherwise there could be legal problems in showing you a transcript of an In-Camera Hearing on ANC Human Rights Abuses.

And the same, of course, applies to the transcript of an In-Camera TRC Hearing on the Security Police.

Gear change to other evil empires. So MS have released their XP operating system - and if you didn’t already know it, you better work on the idea of it being 20 - 30% slower than Windows 2000. Don’t believe me? Look at some online tests at
XP - Feel The Pain!

You’ll recall I pointed you towards a planet-wide Martian dust storm a few weeks back. Guess what - after two mission failures, the next Mars probe coincidentally arrives - on October 23rd/24th.  Hmmm. Conspiracy buffs take note. For the probe’s homepage Odyssey: And another useful Mars/Odyssey site can be found at Mission to Mars.

Local stuff. UFOs - one of my own quiet interests. For the people who can tell the difference between swamp gas, Venus at night, and UFOs - try the local Taurus.

And for another local site, in need of a decent spellchecker, try SAUFOR.

Here’s some real mind-blowing stuff. In 1974, SETI (the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) sent data from the Arecibo radio telescope into outer space. Someone or something seems to have replied this year. Take a look first at the background to the message, at Crop Circle Research, and then for a series of amazing pictures of the ‘return signal’, Arecibo Response.

I’ve noticed some woeful ignorance about preventing spam locally (for instance, NEVER click on the ‘Remove me from future mailings’ links).  To do some useful reading, and branch off on the many links, dive headfirst screaming ‘I’ll never buy from a company that sends me unsolicited email!’ into How Do Spammers Get My Email.

The “Hey Captain, isn’t that an iceberg?” section. Since the WTO protests in Seattle, activists have woken up and smelled the coffee, and are embracing the digital age. Grab your helmet and tofu and follow the Watch Videos link at The Video Activist Network, then try Free Speech TV or the rapidly-spreading Indy Media.

Until the next time, if UFOs, MS, the ANC, NIA and other acronyms don’t get me.

Ian Fraser is a playwright, author, comedian, conspiracy nut, old-time radio collector and self-confessed data-junkie. Winner of numerous Vita and Amstel Awards, he’s been an Internet addict and games-fanatic since around 1995, when the Internet began to make much more sense than theatre.

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