'Cape Doctor' out of hospital

A frail but high-spirited Robbie Jansen was released from Tygerberg hospital’s respiratory unit on Monday afternoon, said his spokesperson Patrick Lee-Thorp.

“He is going into a period of convalescence and is not going to perform anywhere in the near future,” said Lee-Thorp.

Jansen, who is now staying with his brother in Elsies River, will be under doctor’s supervision.

“He is very frail, but in good spirits and delighted to be released,” said Lee-Thorp.

The saxophonist, who is affectionately referred to as the Cape Doctor—after the south-easter wind—has been in hospital since April 4 with lung failure caused by emphysema.

Jansen collapsed at his home and and was rushed to hospital in a comatose state. Jansen then surprised doctors by demanding fruit salad.

Lee-Thorp said despite his release “he is not by any means a well man”.

Jansen’s career includes playing with the bands Pacific Express, Spirits Rejoice, and Workforce. His debut solo was Vastrap Island, with his latest album being The Cape Doctor.

Jansen has received many visits and messages from well-wishers.

“This has been a great encouragement for him to want to struggle back,” said Lee-Thorp, “one has to want to get well and get out of hospital and this has contributed to the fact that he has been released”.
- Sapa