Rasuge's remains not in exhumed grave

North West police exhumed a grave on Monday morning believed to be that of missing Constable Francis Rasuge and have confirmed that it is not hers.

The man who claimed it was Rasuge’s grave will now face fierce interrogation, Senior Superintendent Pieter du Plessis said on Monday.

Du Plessis said a police task team received information last week that Rasuge was buried at the Ga-Rankuwa cemetery in North West.

An exhumation order was obtained and exhumation started on Monday morning.

“What we found did not correlate with the man’s version of the story,” said Du Plessis.

“The man said Rasuge was buried naked, wrapped only with a cloth around her waist, and that she was not put in a coffin. What we found was a casket with the body buried in a traditional way wrapped in a blanket.
Also, the contents were that of a very old person who was buried a long time ago.”

William Nkuna received a life sentence at the Mmabatho Circuit Court in Ga-Rankuwa this month for the murder of the missing constable.

The man who said he knew where Rasuge was buried used to work as a security guard at another cemetery, not the one where he said Rasuge was buried.

The man told the police that he knew Nkuna from the days when the two used to drink at the same tavern.

That was where they met and became friends, he claimed.

The man will be interrogated as police do not tolerate false claims, Du Plessis said.—Sapa