/ 2 June 2008

Four killed by bomb at Danish mission in Pakistan

A bomb went off outside the Danish embassy in the Pakistani capital on Monday killing at least four people and wounding several, officials said.

The blast destroyed the embassy gate and damaged the building and vehicles in the compound in the up-market district of Islamabad where other missions and diplomats houses are located.

”Four people have been killed, there are no foreigners among them,” said a security official at the scene.

”It seems it was a car bomb,” said the official, who declined to be identified.

The blast left a crater about one metre deep on the road outside the mission.

Reuters correspondent Kamran Haider said he saw one body was just inside the gate of the embassy and two were outside.

Television pictures showed considerable damage to the mission and nearby buildings and vehicles. One of the dead appeared to be a Pakistani guard.

Danish newspapers infuriated Muslims around the world when they published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in late 2005.

The cartoons, considered blasphemous by Muslims, sparked deadly protests in 2006 that included attacks on Danish missions.

Denmark also has nearly 700 troops with a Nato-led force battling the Taliban in Afghanistan. – Reuters 2008.