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Afghan Taliban announce death of Haqqani network founder

Jalaluddin Haqqani became a CIA asset and received a personal visit from US congressman Charlie Wilson, who helped secure arms for the mujahideen

Pakistan acts against airline after crash

Pakistan blocked the head of an airline, whose plane crashed near the capital, from leaving the country as it began an investigation into the disaster

All passengers in Pakistan plane crash dead

All 127 people on board a Boeing 737 that crashed near Islamabad in bad weather are dead, hospital and civil aviation officials said on Saturday.

Bin Laden’s family deported from Pakistan

Osama bin Laden's family is expected to be deported from Pakistan on Wednesday, 11 months after the US raid that killed the al-Qaeda kingpin.

Car bomb kills several in east Pakistan

A car bomb exploded in a neighbourhood full of government buildings in eastern Pakistan on Tuesday, killing 13 people and wounding dozens.

Pakistan mourns as investigators probe air crash

Pakistan on Thursday observed a day of mourning for the 152 people killed in the country's worst aviation disaster.

US urges India, Pakistan to ease tensions

The United States has urged India and Pakistan to avoid an escalation of tensions after Islamabad redeployed troops to their common border.

‘Three were alive, but they’d all lost parts of their bodies’

The "face of Islamabad", the Marriott hotel, was left a charred shell on Sunday, a grim testament to the war against Islamic extremists.

Suicide bombings in Lahore kill at least 31

Two suicide attacks killed at least 31 people and injured more than 200 in Lahore on Tuesday as suspected Islamist militants escalated their campaign of mayhem in Pakistan's largest cities. The bombs were the latest in a string of attacks against military and police targets in Lahore, the previously peaceful capital of Punjab province.

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Court must declare Cape Town’s ‘inhuman’ demolitions, evictions illegal, says law centre

The city argues that it is not carrying out evictions, but is acting against land invasions

Back in time to meals on wheels

Cape Town’s oldest roadhouse is hoping to make a comeback during the coronavirus lockdown. Nostalgia is the biggest seller

People’s behaviour stoking Gauteng pandemic

The active case count of Gauteng surpasses that of whole countries. Workers at clinics report a ‘concerning’ relaxation of basic health protocols

Press Releases

Full-time Johannesburg-based CEO required for HI HOPES

An entrepreneurial, business-minded, impact-driven individual is sought to lead the organisation as it looks to scale and grow

Balwin properties and Absa launch South Africa’s first green home loan

Balwin Properties’ Edge registration of over 16 000 units was a global first, covering more homes than any single property developer in the world to date

Young professional gets a career boost from PSETA

SAICA makes ongoing efforts to encourage the professionalisation of financial offices in private and public sector organisations

Colgate-Palmolive South Africa donates one million bars of soap

The combination of limited access to quality soap and a lack of knowledge of how to properly wash hands is a challenge in many vulnerable communities

Cheque value bundles – real value

Most people do not pay much attention to what bank account they have and whether or not it is suited to their daily realities

Absa Rewards puts cash in your pocket

In addition to the cash benefits, you will receive special offers and exclusive deals from selected Absa Rewards partners

Municipal audit outcomes reveal public sector financial management must be professionalised

SAICA calls for a review of the mandatory minimum skills and qualifications required for all key financial management positions within the public sector

Eleven ways to protect yourself against fraud

While financial services firms work continuously to improve security, fraudsters are always devising new plans to circumvent the latest safety measures

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