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NKorea vows retaliation on SKorea over protests

North Korea has issued new threats against South Korea, vowing "sledge-hammer blows" of retaliation if the its southern neighbour did not apologise.

Desperate bid to assuage Thai flood rage

Authorities in the Thai capital are repairing a damaged flood gate that has become the focus of anger, fear and rivalry between arms of government.

Thai government desperate to ease flood frustrations

Thai authorities are trying to stem growing anger among flood victims as water swamps new areas and the government maps out a plan of recovery.

Thai Cabinet plots recovery as floods raise victims’ ire

Thailand is trying to stem growing anger among victims of its catastrophic floods as the government plots the economy's recovery.

Gaddafi’s son Khamis killed in Nato strike, say rebels

Libya's rebels say a Nato air attack has killed Muammar Gaddafi's son Khamis, commander of one of the most loyal and best-equipped military units.

Dozens killed in Pakistan suicide blast

A suicide bomber attacked a gathering of displaced people waiting to get aid in north-western Pakistan on Saturday, killing at least 40 of them.

Pakistan braced for more floods as aid tops $800m

More than $800-million has been donated or pledged to help Pakistan's flood victims, the foreign minister said on Sunday.

South Pakistan braces for more floods

Floods are threatening to wreak havoc in more areas of south Pakistan in a catastrophe that has made the government more unpopular.

Aid agencies struggle to reach Pakistan flood victims

Aid agencies have provided assistance to hundreds of thousands of victims but relief operations have yet to reach an estimated six million people.

Blast near Pakistan’s Swat valley kills dozens

A suspected suicide bomber killed up to 24 people in an attack on the Pakistani military on Monday.

Pakistan bombs militants, ground offensive imminent

Pakistani aircraft attacked Taliban militants in their South Waziristan stronghold near the Afghan border on Sunday.

Little hope for India-Pakistan dialogue — for now

Ties between India and Pakistan will not improve while the cloud of last year's assault on Mumbai hangs over their interactions, analysts said.

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