/ 5 August 2008

Puppy doing well after being speared, buried alive

A puppy that had been buried alive in a shallow grave with two black spears driven into its tiny body is recovering well, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) said on Tuesday.

The society’s vet Maureen Vida said the seven-week-old pup, named Bernard, was making good progress.

She said the cross Border collie was receiving physiotherapy as it was believed it suffered nerve damage to one of its front legs.

”His puncture wound has also been re-dressed,” she said.

Bernard was found by a vagrant in Camps Drift, Pietermaritzburg, last week.

At the time, police spokesperson Inspector Joey Jeevan said the homeless man had been ”scrambling around” when he heard the puppy’s howls. He spotted the animal buried in a shallow grave and summoned the police.

Jeevan said police found two black spears inserted into the puppy in the form of a cross, as well as a mirror, a dead chicken and candles, among other items.

A case of cruelty to animals had been opened but no arrests have been made.

Vida said the SPCA has received many calls from people who wanted to adopt him when he recovers. ”But right now at night one of our staffers takes him home and brings him back in the morning,” she said.

If Bernard is not claimed by his rightful owner within seven days, the SPCA said it will find a suitable, loving home for him. — Sapa