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War and Covid slow trade in Saluki dogs

Salukis, cousins of the greyhound, have been used for hunting for thousands of years in the Middle East and are some of the fastest canines.

Review: The documentary ‘Clebs’ is an allegory for the human condition

‘Clebs’, which documents more than 750 dogs at a sanctuary in Morocco, provides some timely symbolism as it points to human truths

‘There is heartbreak every day’

People are handing over their pets to shelters, but they too are battling financially

What the? A sex-crazed pitbull chases, kills and humps a cow in King William’s Town

What could have been a simple mischievous dog-chases-cow story turned into a very bizarre one

Rumor has it: Top dogs compete for honours in New York

A German shepherd named Rumor won the Westminster Dog Show.

Guess what? Scientists have proved that Fido loves you more than dog biscuits

Dogs have evolved to be so dependent on us that, in tests, they are seen to pick affection over food.

​Seoul cloning lab promises Fido forever

Sooam Biotech Research Foundation has cloned about 800 dogs for owners or state agencies, at a cost of $100 000 each.

Ban on black boerboel exports at the heart of breeders’ row

It’s not all black and white – the government’s clampdown is meant to protect the popular dog’s purebred status.

Airports go to the dogs to save lives

Man's best friend has been brought on board to chase foraging birds from local airstrips.

I am an African and I grieve for my dog Bruno

There is no shame in cherishing our pets, who help us connect with our roots and our humanity.

Britain’s first cloned dog dubbed ‘ridiculous waste of money’

The cloning of a dachshund puppy named Mini-Winnie by a Korean company called Sooam Biotech has raised ethical issues, say scientists.

W Rand animal shelter threatened by protests

The Claw animal shelter has been struggling to survive after a week without water and service delivery protests that threaten its offices.

Meet the world’s ‘Spoiled Rotten Pets’

Pigs that go to spas and dogs with psychics are just some of the hopelessly spoiled pets on a new Nat Geo Wild TV show.

Every dog has its day: Gauteng muzzles Cape Town barking law

Gauteng authorities have dismissed the idea of introducing municipal bylaws to curb dogs barking - similar to those in Cape Town.

Dogs able to detect lung cancer, study suggests

Dogs are surprisingly adept at sniffing out lung cancer, results from a pilot project in Austria have suggested.

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Construction sites are a ‘death trap’

Four children died at Pretoria sites in just two weeks, but companies deny they’re to blame

Koko claims bias before Zondo commission

In a lawyer’s letter, the former Eskom chief executive says the commission is not being fair to him

ConCourt asked to rule that Zuma must testify for 10 days next year

It is Zondo's legal end game and will leave the former president, his supporters and those implicated in state capture to increasingly play fast and loose at imputing political motive to the commission

Press Releases

World Aids Day

Huge strides have been made, but the fight against HIV is far from over, and Covid-19 has disrupted testing and treatments

How to get the most money for your old iPhone towards a new one

Cash in your old iPhone to upgrade to a new one or get a reduced rate on your monthly contract from your service provider

Gender-Based Violence

In South Africa, women live in fear. It’s difficult to speak out against the patriarchal system, but many have done so, and continue to do so

POWER Business #OnTheMoney talks to Risenga Maluleke, South African Statistician-General

If Stats SA is to really have timely data that’s accurate and remains relevant then we need to make sure that the institution is strengthened

Dr Sumy Thomas: Deciphering the human puzzle, from the inside out

The Discovery Foundation MGH Fellowship Award recipient for 2020 will focus on internal medicine, particularly the endocrine system of patients affected by HIV

Touching lives through innovation

Africa has a high youth population that adapts to technology quickly, and this phenomenon is something which should be taken advantage of

Festive Reading

In The Whistleblowers, Mandy Wiener talks to a wide range of the people who have revealed corruption and malfeasance in government and business

Centre for Women & Gender Studies

The CWGS aims to resuscitate the histories of African women from all walks of life in an intellectual cleansing/ukuhlambulula of her story