/ 7 October 2009

Agliotti: Selebi gave me secret email

Former police boss Jackie Selebi allegedly handed his friend Glenn Agliotti a copy of an email sent to the Scorpions by Selebi’s nemesis Paul O’Sullivan in 2006.

“I was playing golf when the accused [Selebi] phoned me. We met in the parking lot at the Makro in Woodmead [Johannesburg] where I parked next to his car. I got into the back of his car and he gave me the document,” Agliotti testified in the South Gauteng High Court on Wednesday afternoon during Selebi’s corruption trial.

It wasn’t clear how Selebi had obtained the email message.

Agliotti finished his second day in the witness box on Wednesday with chief prosecutor Gerrie Nel telling Judge Meyer Joffe there was just one major topic left on which Agliotti would be led before the state is done with their star witness.

Selebi’s counsel Jaap Cilliers is expected to start cross-examining Agliotti immediately afterwards.

Nel spent most part of Wednesday afternoon questioning Agliotti about all the favours he allegedly received from Selebi. The state claims that Selebi acted corruptly in exchange for money and clothes from Agliotti.

Agliotti testified that he was handed an email message sent by O’Sullivan to Scorpions investigator Robin Plitt in 2006 containing sensitive information regarding the investigation into Selebi and Agliotti.

After receiving the document in Selebi’s car, the former top cop allegedly told Agliotti he should give the document to his legal team. “He [Selebi] said this could discredit the Scorpions because they were clearly using O’Sullivan in this investigation.”

O’Sullivan, the former head of security at OR Tambo airport, was a key whistle-blower in the Selebi case and brought numerous witnesses and information to the Scorpions.

Agliotti further testified that he used Selebi’s influence twice during police-related matters.

The first occasion was when he boarded a flight to Mauritius in 2004 and was accosted by a policeman, asking him for his home address.

“From the aircraft I called the accused to tell him what had happened. I said it was rather embarrassing, especially in front of my kids and I left it at that. The accused [Selebi] asked for the police officer’s name, but I didn’t know.”

The second instance was when there was a break-in at a Morningside block of flats where Agliotti was staying. He allegedly called Selebi from the crime scene and gave the phone to the investigating officer, who spoke to Selebi.

Agliotti also told the court how he used his influence to introduce people to Selebi. This included the Kebble family’s former head of security, Clinton Nassif, Jordanian businessman Eyhab Jumean and South African businessman Gavin Varejes.