/ 24 January 2010

Maroga sues Eskom for R85m

Ousted Eskom CEO Jacob Maroga has slapped the parastatal with a massive R85-million lawsuit, the Sunday Times reported.

In a civil claim filed at the High Court in Johannesburg, Maroga demands “reasonable damages” unless he is reinstated to the position he left.

The 49-year-old is suing his former employer, its acting CEO and chairperson Mpho Makwana, and the Minister of Public Enterprises Barbara Hogan.

He accused the board of conspiring to illegally fire him under the veil of a voluntary resignation.

Maroga’s court papers detail the lavish lifestyle enjoyed by the CEO of Eskom at taxpayers’ expense.

This includes R14,5-million for loss of salary, R45-million for incentives and R7-million for other benefits.

The papers reveal how, at just over R5-million, Maroga’s annual salary was twice that of President Jacob Zuma and three times that of Hogan.

An engineer with Eskom since 1995, Maroga moved quickly through the ranks to become a managing director in 2000. He was appointed chief executive officer in 2007 out of 270 candidates when then-CEO Thulani Gcabashe stepped down. – Sapa

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