/ 12 May 2011

Capitec to trade nationally on Sundays

Capitec Bank will be the first to offer Sunday banking to its clients, with 84 of its 460 branches trading. Its trading hours will be aligned with retailers and restaurants at shopping centres, so clients can bank while out shopping or on the way to Sunday lunch.

Carl Fischer, Capitec’s marketing and corporate affairs executive, says this move will help to reduce in-branch pressure towards the end of the month, when client volumes peak. Fischer says the bank’s paperless technology makes it easier for staff to dispense with administrative duties like cashing up, for example, so they have more
time to serve clients. Good news for the client.

Last year, Capitec launched a free cash withdrawal promotion at retail outlets like Pick ‘n Pay and Checkers to encourage clients to view
till points as the new ATM, and this move gives clients even greater freedom when it comes to banking choices, says Fischer, who contends
that convenience is often what drives customers to select a bank.

It may not be everyone’s idea of how to spend a Sunday — but it will certainly be convenient for employees who can’t get to the bank during
the week and who don’t yet bank on the internet (or who need to open an account at a branch, for example, and are too busy taking kids to sports events on a Saturday).

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