Ten Yebo-Yes gym exercises to beat racism

In the spirit of ubuntu and the pursuit of firmer thighs for all, the Mail & Guardian has seen fit—in light of outrageous racist incidents in Johannesburg gyms—to share a few ground-breaking exercise tips to align your chakras, defeat discrimination and abolish muffin tops forever.

Disclaimer: Results may vary according to individual size and skin tone. For best results use in conjunction with a healthy pinch of salt. While it is advisable to intermittently shout “yebo!” after every five-count, it is not advisable to do this during a spinning class at any Virgin Active—ever.

Adrian Ephraim

Adrian Ephraim

Adrian Ephraim is the Mail & Guardian Online news editor. He is a former sports writer and newspaper executive who has been converted to the ways of the hashtag and hyperlink. He is a news addict who longs for the day when it can be delivered intravenously. Political satire is what he lives for - look out for his memes. The three loves of Adrian's life include his masterchef wife, his son who is a Michael Jackson impersonator and Arsenal. Read more from Adrian Ephraim

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