/ 7 May 2013

Ten things about Justin Bieber

Ten Things About Justin Bieber

1. The teen-pop sensation Justin Bieber was booed for the first time in his short career last week when he appeared on stage at Britain's O2 stadium two hours late. It was later reported he had been engrossed in a video game in his dressing room.

2. The following night, he suffered some sort of collapse after the concert. Cynics said it was feigned, to gain sympathy after the embarrassment of the previous night's concert. It seems that he did spend the night in hospital. When he was discharged he was involved in an altercation with a photographer.

3. Entertainmentwise.com reported last weekend that Bieber was seen smoking a joint at a café in Amsterdam, "relaxing" after "his nightmare week in the United Kingdom". An image said to be of Bieber smoking a joint had been leaked online in January, damaging the singer's squeaky-clean image. Subsequent reports noted increasingly erratic behaviour.

4. Bieber had celebrated his 19th birthday in London on March 1, later tweeting that it had been his "worst birthday".

5. His debut collection, My World, contained seven tracks, all of which hit the Billboard Top 100 – a record.

6. Promoter Scooter Braun discovered Bieber when the singer was 14. He found him on YouTube, where there were several clips of Bieber performing. An early one, made when Bieber was 12, had him singing a song called So Sick, a 2006 hit by R&B crooner Ne-Yo. Promotion of Bieber on YouTube became a key factor in launching his first single and subsequent career.

7. Bieber had trouble with his voice breaking while recording his second album, in 2010. "It cracks," he said. "Like every teenage boy, I'm dealing with it …"

8. At different points, Bieber surpassed pop star Lady Gaga as the person with the clip most viewed on YouTube, and then as the person with the most Twitter followers (35-million and climbing).

9. Bieber is Canadian.

10. Bieber's fans, mostly teenage girls, are nicknamed Beliebers.