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Present Tense

Mugabe’s final offer: ‘I’ll trade Grace for power’

Even as pressure increased and right until the last hour, Robert Mugabe fought to stay in power

Nigeria’s president slammed for not acting on ‘secret recruitment’ scandal

Children of well-placed families are landing plum posts amid Muhammadu Buhari’s war on corruption.

Nigeria’s Mr Clean-Up dazzles UK

President Buhari’s anti-corruption plans have gone down a treat, but is there too much on his plate?

Djibouti: Court turns to farce as Guelleh lays low

Opposition leader Abdourahman Boreh is expected to continue his almost comical cross-examination today as the president remains absent.

Emotional send off for Zambia’s Michael Sata

African leaders joined thousands of Zambians as they bid farewell to late president Michael Sata on Tuesday.

Marikana: Loan undermines Lonmin’s arguments, says academic

Lonmin claimed it couldn't afford to build promised houses for workers, despite the World Bank making $150-million available.

Zim govt squabbles over China

Officials are not in agreement on plans to mortgage the country's minerals to China.

Zim: Mujuru brings her base to heel

Political manoeuvring has cleared a path to the December elective congress for the vice-president.

Kenya’s war on terror is East Africa’s looming nightmare

Kenya's crackdown on Muslim militants may only worsen the problem, with the use of alleged extra-judicial measures only fueling the fire.

Biti ups efforts to boot Tsvangirai

The MDC factions are becoming increasingly cut-throat in their battle for party ascendancy.

Hunted in Uganda: Save us from this ‘sexuality genocide’

This is an SOS to the whole world: Help the LGBTI community survive this "sexuality genocide" in Uganda, writes a transgender woman from Kampala.

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