/ 15 May 2013

Stadium considers reward for Bieber heist info

The money was stolen from the stadium's strong room
The money was stolen from the stadium's strong room

"We have not confirmed a reward as yet. We are still discussing the merits of the case," chief head Jacques Grobbelaar said on Tuesday.

The money was stolen from the stadium's strong room, where cash proceeds from the Justin Bieber and Bon Jovi concerts were locked away, overnight on Sunday.

On Monday morning, a stadium employee realised the doors leading to the main safe had been tampered with.

The Star reported that the robbers got into the women's toilet next to the strong room. They climbed into the ceiling, chiselled through an adjoining wall and lowered themselves into the strong room through a hole they made in the ceiling.

Grobbelaar said it was suspected that the heist was an inside job, as the wall leading to the safe could not have been broken through in a few hours.

'It must have been internal'
"It took a couple of days to create the cavity in the wall … it must have been internal, bearing in mind we started loading [equipment for the concert] a week before the actual show," said Grobbelaar.

He said on the day of the heist there were 4 000 staff at the stadium. Of these 993 were security personnel.

Stadium management had been satisfied with security, with only petty theft being reported.

"This is the first incident of theft in more than four years," he said. – Sapa