/ 3 October 2013

Patrons assaulted at Fourways nightclub

The man punches one of the patrons
The man punches one of the patrons, who lays passed out on the floor. He then slaps the two other patrons in the face. (Screengrab)

A man who claimed to be a backup bouncer at nightclub venue Stones in Fourways posted a video on his Facebook account on Wednesday in which he assaults three patrons for allegedly doings drugs in the club's bathroom. He said they were doing methcathinone or cocaine, although there is no evidence of this.

He punches one of the patrons, who lays passed out on the floor. He then slaps the two other patrons in the face. The patrons in the video have not been identified and it is unknown whether they will lay charges.

The man allegedly took a cellphone video of the club's CCTV footage. According to the time stamp seen at the beginning of the video the footage was taken on September 22.

He posted the description: "When u do drugs where I work" along with the video, which received numerous shares and comments on Facebook.

The man has since deleted his Facebook account, but a screengrab of his post and the subsequent comments it received has been posted on Photobucket. The video had already been picked up by LiveLeak and reshared on various other sites including mycitybynight.co.za and dontparty.co.za.

A staff member at Stones, where the alleged assault took place, told the Mail & Guardian the owner was not available for comment and "would not be in the next two weeks" but she thought that the bouncer "would definitely be fired".

There have been numerous instances of violence by nightclub bouncers against patrons.

In 2012, Eugene Beneke (19) suffered brain damage, a cracked skull and required surgery after being beaten up at Barumba Club by a bouncer in Mountain View, Pretoria. 


The head office of Stones later posted a statement on their Facebook page:


Upon investigation by Stones head office it had been found that Mr xxx & the other parties to the incident were customers. 

Mr xxx is not and has never been an employee at Stones Fourways, as such no disciplinary action can be taken against him.

The incident was of a personal nature.

Stones does not condone physical violence as such all parties have been banned from all Stones venues."