/ 31 October 2013

YouTube viral videos of October

We have rounded up some of most popular videos on YouTube for the month of October.
We have rounded up some of most popular videos on YouTube for the month of October.

5. Telekinetic coffee shop surprise

This telekinesis prank video has over 46-million video views and is the fifth most watched YouTube video in South Africa this month. It is well-executed and pretty funny – who doesn't enjoy watching the reactions of unsuspecting members of the public when presented with an impossible scene such as a person flying against the walls of a New York City coffee shop?

4. Gauteng e-tolls make no sense

We want to say we are surprised, but we really aren't. Gauteng residents specifically are pretty obsessed with the imminent threat of e-tolls. We don't know anything about the author Songezo Nosipho, but his six and a-half-minute animated explanation of why e-tolls are unreasonable has garnered nearly 300 000 hits.

3. NEWSNIGHT: Paxman vs Brand – full interview

Who doesn't love Russell Brand? In this highly entertaining interview, BBC Newsnight's Jeremy Paxman talks to Brand about voting, revolutions and beards. Brand holds his own and proves he's no idiot as he voices his alternative ideas on politics. "Most politicians don't lay a glove on Paxman. Brand made him look uncomfortable and faintly ridiculous," the Telegraph noted about the interview. With 8 337 052 hits in the last week, this video is getting some serious interest worldwide.

2. Betty White spoofs Miley Cyrus's Wrecking Ball video

This video may only have 1 645 831 hits, which is quite little by global YouTube hits, but South Africans clearly love it. The 91-year-old American actress and comedian Betty Marion White has a good go at taking the mickey out of Miley Cyrus's ridiculous Wrecking Ball song.

1. Gold Digger Prank

In the number one YouTube viral video spot is another prank video – this time at the expense of a rather shallow gold digger. One of the creators of the video explained it: "So I went out to film how to pick up girls … but Roman, Dennis and I decided to do a little twist … the video speaks for itself check it :)." OK, he's not the most articulate of people, but the video is funny. Published on October 15 2013, the video has already garnered 26 544 650 hits.