/ 6 December 2013

Mandela family is strong, says Zuma

Mandela Family Is Strong, Says Zuma

President Jacob Zuma briefly addressed a crowd of people in front of former president Nelson Mandela's Houghton home in Johannesburg on Friday afternoon, after meeting with Madiba's family and ANC national executive committee members.

Since the announcement of Mandela's death on Thursday night, hundreds of people have gathered outside the former statesman's home to pay their respects

People thronged to the media barrier, set up about 20m from Mandela's home, where Zuma spoke briefly to say that "the family is strong" inside the house. But a group of people singing and dancing did not notice the presence of South Africa's president and continued to celebrate Mandela's life.

There has been a constant stream of visitors dropping off flowers and messages of love and gratitude. Some have stayed just long enough to pay their respects, others have been outside the house for hours.

People of all races and ages have come together at the site, where many South African and ANC flags are visible. Volunteers are handing out ANC pamphlets with the headline: "Mandela says".