Was Roger Kebble haunted by the pain of injustice?

Roger Kebble, father of murdered mining magnate Brett Kebble, arrives for his son's funeral in Cape Town on October 4 2005. (Mike Hutchings, M&G)

Roger Kebble, father of murdered mining magnate Brett Kebble, arrives for his son's funeral in Cape Town on October 4 2005. (Mike Hutchings, M&G)

Western Cape police have confirmed that the body of a man in his late seventies, believed to be businessperson Roger Kebble, was found with a gunshot wound to his head.

It was earlier reported that Kebble had shot himself. Police said the body was found inside a vehicle on the corners of Montery and Upper Bebbinto roads in Bishopscourt on Tuesday afternoon. “An inquest case is under investigation.
No one has been arrested at this stage,” said police spokesperson, Constable Noloyiso Rwexana. 

The Kebble family has already come through one tragedy when Brett Kebble was found to have died in an assisted suicide on September 27 2005. Notorious hitman Mikey Schultz confessed to shooting and killing Kebble. He and his two accomplices, Nigel McGurk and Fiazel Smith were given immunity from prosecution in exchange for testifying against drug trafficker Glenn Agliotti, the man who allegedly masterminded Kebble’s murder.

Agliotti was eventually acquitted.

In 2010, Roger Kebble was found to be not well enough to testify at the trial for the murder of his son because of a heart condition. EWN reported Kebble’s son Guy as saying that his father had been unwell and felt as though he was a burden. At the time of the trial, Sapa reported that a cardiologist found it “unwise” for Kebble senior to testify.

Kebble frustrations
Roger Kebble spoke to the Mail & Guardian in 2010 and lamented that his son’s killers were never brought to justice.

He said at the time: “The way that they [SAPS] investigated Brett’s death was bullshit. The fact that [Glenn] Agliotti was on the phone with [Jackie] Selebi that night Brett got shot taints Selebi’s name already – So who was he trying to protect exactly?

“[Clint] Nassif and Agliotti both stated that it was an assisted suicide ... But even if that was the case, the fact still remains that someone was murdered and both of them got away with it. 

“I honestly cannot imagine a scenario where Brett could have said to these guys [Nassif and John Stratton] that things were getting too much for him so he wanted out and the best option was to pump seven bullets into him [Brett]. 

“I can’t see Brett agreeing to that. He was a fighter.” Roger Kebble believed Brett was killed because he wanted to come clean about the fraud, money laundering and other wrongdoings that he was involved in, which implicated Agliotti, Nassif and Stratton. 

“The walls were falling down all around him [Brett] and I suspect he was losing money.

 “He had reached the end of the road and possibly wanted to come clean about everything which would have implicated them.”

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