Manufacturing excellence

The company’s commitment to providing a critical service to the mines and general industry encompasses the design and manufacture of products and systems, using the latest technology. A specialised consulting, training and support facility ensures optimum efficiency of a wide range of equipment and total safety for workers. Mine safety is significantly enhanced by the implementation of one or a combination of Becker’s specialised multi-technological solutions. The mining sector in Africa benefits from Becker’s ongoing research and development programme, where close international ties guarantee the edge on product design, impeccable manufacturing standards, cost efficiency, safety and reliability of equipment. The company’s equipment is manufactured by three wholly owned South African manufacturing companies — Becker Electronics for electronic automation and communication systems, EMIS for electrical energy distribution and control systems and Bellambie Mining & Industrial for mechanical and roof support systems. Additional specialised product solutions and services are sourced from group operations in Germany, France, Poland and Canada. These manufacturing companies are committed to the most stringent quality control procedures during production at the Alrode, Heidelberg, Randburg Chamdor and Welkom plants, where standards conform to the expectations and demands of the global mining industry. Rigorous tests, which include the electrical, electronic, chemical and mechanical verification of materials, are performed throughout every production process. An important area of growth is communication. Mobile radio solutions enable uninterrupted communication throughout the entire mine. These solutions are used not only for voice transmissions, but also to transmit data and video signals underground and the main mine control station above ground. In addition, the radio products of Becker mining Systems provide for greater operating safety in mines: by means of these products, the location of men and machines can be clearly determined. This way, collisions can be avoided and rescue measures initiated quickly and specifically in case of emergency. Since the founding of the company in 1964, Becker Mining Systems has been developing transportation systems for men and material underground. Both individual solutions and complete systems transport men, material and equipment quickly and reliably, even to the most remote parts of the mine. The systems of Becker are characterised by the fact that they can transport heavy loads at high speed even on strongly inclined routes. The product portfolio ranges from traprail, floor-mounted and overhead monorails to chair lifts and conveying systems. In the expansion of underground mining, safety plays an important role, too. The company produces support systems for safe face and roadway expansion. The developed hydraulic shields and mechanical support systems which are sold in the Polish and South African market secure faces and roadways during and after excavation.

Transport & Logistics