/ 13 March 2018

Parliament to summon Myeni, Duduzane Zuma, and the Gupta brothers

The Guptas accused the committee of “political showboating” in a letter submitted by their lawyers
The Guptas accused the committee of “political showboating” in a letter submitted by their lawyers

The public enterprises committee in Parliament will summon Dudu MyeniDuduzani Zuma, and the Gupta brothers to appear before its inquiry into state capture at state-owned enterprises.

The committee agreed that the parties should be issued with summons after each of them submitted letters saying that they would not appear before the inquiry on Tuesday, following an invitation to do so by the committee.

Democratic Alliance MP Natasha Mazzone said Myeni’s letter, which was sent to the committee on Monday, was filled with “disdain and disparaging” remarks about the inquiry. In her letter, Myeni accused the inquiry of criminalising her.

Committee members said that Myeni’s no-show in the House, after two invitations, was an admission of guilt for her involvement in state capture and meddling in state companies.

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Myeni has said that she is too ill to attend the inquiry over the past two weeks, but MPs remained dubious about her excuse, saying she had not submitted a sick certificate.

“We are going to summon her to the committee. I just wanted to put my own observations of the matter: I thought if she does not want to come to the committee then she is guilty,” said committee chairperson Daphne Rantho.

Duduzani Zuma was also expected to appear before the committee, but in a letter to the committee, said he did not have the relevant transcripts from the inquiry nor did he know which questions he should answer.

When Rantho asked what action should be taken against Zuma, Mazzone responded: “Chairperson, same Whatsapp group”.

The Guptas, meanwhile, accused the committee of “political showboating” in a letter submitted by their lawyers, BDK Attorneys.

“The proceedings are to a large extent an exercise in political showboating by parliamentarians intent either on making political speeches, insulting witnesses or otherwise questioning witnesses in a manner which is not conducive to the resolution of identified or identifiable issues,” the letter reads.

Letter From Gupta Lawyers – March 6, 2018 by Kiri Rupiah on Scribd

It continues to say that the brothers are out of the country and do not intend on ever attending the inquiry, which is referred to as the “so-called Eskom inquiry”.

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“They must come here and account,” said Economic Freedom Fighters MP Floyd Shivambu.

Shivambu said that the brothers are subject to South African law and should face consequences if they have violated the law.

Rantho said that the leaders of the inquiry would discuss dates for the parties to be summoned to appear.