/ 21 April 2018

Makhosi Khoza retires from politics

Defiant: ANC MP Makhosi Khoza will not apologise to the party saying ‘If they kill me
Defiant: Former ANC MP Makhosi Khoza told the commision what led to her sacking as the chairperson of parliament’s portfolio committee on public service and administration.

Dr Makhosi Khoza, who resigned from the ANC last year and formed her own political party, the African Democratic Change (ADeC), has announced she is retiring from politics.

Khoza – a vocal opponent of former president Jacob Zuma – had been removed as chairperson of the public service and administration portfolio committee last year after some ANC MPs in her committee campaigned against her continued leadership.

She subsequently resigned from the ANC after 35 years and launched ADeC in December last year.

Last month, an intense battle for the control of Khoza’s new party came to light, with Thokozani Msomi, who claimed to be the party’s deputy president, saying that Khoza had been suspended for bringing the party into disrepute.

Msoni’s statement said the decision to suspend Khoza came following a communication breakdown, and she would be facing a disciplinary hearing.

ADeC’s spokesperson Feziwe Ndwayana at the time denied the suspension, saying those behind the call for Khoza to be suspended were not recognised as members of the party.

Khosa has now taken the decision to leave politics altogether for a new opportunity, sharing her resignation letter from ADeC on her Facebook page on Saturday.

“I wish to advise ADeC members and its entire leadership that I have taken a well-thought through decision to step down from politics with immediate effect in pursuit and in fulfillment of my deepest passion, conviction and mission in local governance and administration, education and elevation of African languages as those of prestige and prosperity.

“I feel time has come for me to pursue and fulfill my bigger mission in this life as outlined in the opening paragraph above. My bigger mission is beyond the confines of politics and political parties,” she wrote.

Khosa said that a potential opportunity had arisen.

‘Elevation of black African languages’

“I have always wanted to put my post graduate qualifications, especially my doctoral degree in Quality Management Principles and Systems (QMPS) in developmental local governance and extensive experience in local government, into use and in a manner that would deliver maximum positive impact to local citizens.”

She highlighted the plight of the South African education system as a passion, pointing to her research in an isiZulu language mathematical logic series and a dictionary called UZALO.

She said she would be working with her son, Mlando, a computer programmer and computer science student, who had developed an algorithm that is consistent with aBantu languages.

“My son and I have decided to join forces in the elevation of black African languages in South Africa,” she wrote, saying it was the first time since her husband’s death that she would be able to spend weekends with her children.

“It is within this context that I have taken a decision to step down from politics,” she wrote.

“I also hope that ADeC would continue with its Politics Unusual concept, its commitment to the total emancipation of women, loyalty to the South African citizens and ensuring that at all times it is grounded in moral and ethical leadership.

“As the leading founder of ADeC and its director of its Non-Profit Organization (NPO), I therefore resign from both structures and authorize the ADeC National Board under the chairmanship of Moses Mayekiso to liaise with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) and the other directors of the non-profit organisations to fill the vacant position as a result of my resignation and stepping down from politics.” – News24

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