/ 30 April 2018

Karabo Mokoena murder accused will not testify

The matter continues on Thursday at the Johannesburg High Court.
The matter continues on Thursday at the Johannesburg High Court.

Sandile Mantsoe — the man accused of murdering his former girlfriend, Karabo Mokoena — will not testify in his own defence. Mantsoe has pleaded not guilty to the charge and faces the possibility of life imprisonment.

Mantsoe claims Mokoena took her own life by stabbing herself in the neck. He denies killing Mokoena but admits to burning and dumping her corpse, as substantiated by witness testimony.

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According to IOL, when court commenced, defence lawyer, Victor Simelane told the court his client would not be testifying given that “the state had not proven their case beyond a reasonable doubt.”

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According to reports by eNCA, Judge Johnson asked Mantsoe if he was aware that he could be sentenced to life imprisonment if he does not present his case. Mantsoe said that he was aware.

The prosecution had asked that the matter be postponed until Thursday. However, the judge claimed that there had been a lot of “wasted time” throughout the case. The matter has been postponed until Wednesday where the state and defence will deliver closing arguments.