/ 13 August 2018

​Unembargoed: August 10 to 16

All articles in this week's M&G are free to read
All articles in this week's M&G are free to read

Evidence in the De Lille dossier

The Cape Town mayor’s supporters and her critics feel disappointed by her resignation deal

R48bn needed for Ramaphosa’s stimulus packages

Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene told the Cabinet lekgotla that the government will need about R48-billion to support the implementation of the stimulus packages aimed at boosting economic growth to create more jobs.

Bombshell plan to lay off 30 000 public servants

The move is in line with the bid to merge departments to drastically cut the state’s wage bill

Police minister faces gun battle

Opponents to amnesty for people with unlicensed weapons say SAPS can’t even secure their own firearms

Mfeketo wrestles with ombud services

Human Settlements Minister Nomaindia Mfeketo has become embroiled in a tussle with the board of the Community Schemes Ombud Services (CSOS) over its “investment” of R80-million with the embattled VBS Mutual Bank.

Rhodes rages after student suicide

Has the university, rocked by protests in 2016, done enough to address gender-based violence?

Death ends Sara Tsebe’s mine battle

Tsebe was among the 64 families who had steadfastly refused to take up Anglo American’s offer of a once-off R20 000 cash payment in exchange for moving to Rooibokpan.

Return of the irrepressible Bra X

This, an interview of radio personality Xolani Gwala by Carlos Amato, is the first of a series of profiles that the Mail & Guardian will carry every week

Slice of life: Hidden truth of South Africa

‘It was at that moment I decided everybody has the right to play sport, and to dedicate much of my life to developing the game to the benefit of all South Africans.’

Dodgy official ‘parachuted’ into Sassa

Staff say Benedicta Monama knows little about the agency and highlight her controversial past

Theology students back queer rights

Followers are suing the Dutch Reformed Church over its retrograde action on same-sex unions

Regulations may dim a solar dawn

Government believes independent power producers need to be limited and controlled

Antidepressant pollutants make courting birds violent – study

Songbirds altered their courtship behaviour after exposure to antidepressants increasingly found in the natural environment, according to a three-year study conducted by British scientists.

A queer quandary: What to call kin

Aunt, grandfather, mother, sister, brother. Nonbinary people take on the search for their own familial terms

DA’s internal woes may  lead to voter backlash

With only a few months left until the 2019 national elections, the Democratic Alliance this week found itself beset with a new crisis — its decision to disavow Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment.

Churches join  legal fight over Ingonyama leases

The trust board wants people to convert permits into leases, increasing their tenure insecurity

ANC eyes youth and minority voters

After losing two key metros — Johannesburg and Tshwane — during the 2016 local government elections, the ANC in Gauteng has now set its sights on targeting minority groups and young voters


When a pen may be as mighty as the scalpel

Doctors face life-and-death decisions daily, but we rarely think disability grants are one of them

US policy could trump HIV fight

The damage caused by the controversial United States policy will only start showing when it’s too late, activists and researchers argue


Zimbabwe: Who is in control?

ED Mnangagwa’s slim election victory, followed by violence, has observers asking why he would do this when all he needed was international credibility

Mozambique ‘bans’ foreign journos

Exorbitant new fees, introduced just before two elections, will hamper reporting

Pilgrimage to Africa’s king of chilli

Many compete for the crown of Africa’s finest chilli sauce. But only Akananga Chilli Oil can wear it

Rangers find unlikely sponsor

China is the biggest market for ivory yet Chinese business people are funding the war on poaching

Cameroon’s crisis deepens

External intervention is needed as the conflict in the Anglophone region worsens


Ye olde sex shoppe is thriving

Pornography and sex paraphernalia sell like hot cakes online, but physical shops are still doing a roaring trade in erotic accoutrements

Sugar tariff hike satisfies no one

It is less than local sugar producers wanted and corporates say it entrenches industry efficiencies

Attitudes harden over Implats job loss threat

Platinum giant Impala says it has to cut 13 00 jobs to remain in business, leading government to accuse it of being reckless and a union to threaten strikes at its shafts.

Bye, brokers: Hello, service providers

Labour brokers were reined in by the Concourt, but they are already trying to exploit loopholes

Sars regains its grip on big business

The South African Revenue Service is trying to mend its relationship with big business to increase compliance and tax collections by the end of the financial year.


Class exists but can we say the same of race?

We need to drop race as a category and rather see people according to their different needs

Editorial: Give clarity on land restitution

‘Land reform has never been just a nice-to-do. Both for reasons of equity and to provide a base for economic growth, it has always been a have-to-do’

Editorial: Strike down rape culture

Today, women might be politically free like all other South Africans, but they remain enslaved in the shackles of a predatory patriarchy

Letters to the editor: August 10 to 16

Our readers write in about government needing to account to taxpayers and President Ramaphosa needing to sign the party funding Bill.

Dawn’s the time to oil the joints

It’s in the early morning that things catch up with you and force you to seek relief

Mandela didn’t sell out, post-94 ANC did

Two Acts and the Khoi-San Bill, if passed, will dispossess people in the former homelands of

their land rights

Old boy club still dominates engineering

Women who raise their voices against the sexism in this field do so at the risk of their careers

Lessons from Doornkop: Ways of coping with poverty

Community and government efforts to improve lives in Doornkop, or “Snake Park”, Soweto, is the theme of a new book launched by the residents and the Centre for Social Development in Africa at the University of Johannesburg (UJ).

Women’s rights must include land rights

The United Nations has declared that women’s land rights are a human right.

1968, the year that Africa shaped the US

Black Power and pan-Africanism became a force that had a powerful effect on the continent itself

Good for mom, baby and boss

Employers should encourage mothers to claim their rights to breastfeed at work

FIFTH COLUMN: This is why ‘Catbook’ won’t work

Why people allow Facebook to make up their minds for them is beyond me and that might be the real question here.


Punishing rapists isn’t good enough

What does it mean when “all men are fucked” is the point of reference that good people use about themselves and others?

On our lists this week

The Cry of Winnie Mandela by Njabulo Ndebele, Lion Songs: Essential tracks in the making of Zimbabwe by Thomas Mapfumo and Johannesburg Hospital 1890 – 1990 by Lorna Schreiber.

This weekend

As We Are by Colbert Mashile, Anecdotes of Sound by Mongezi Ncaphay and Ndoni by Musa Hlatshwayo.

Liberation’s forgotten foot soldiers

History often ignores the role played by women and their struggle against the problems they face

Nomvo ‘Poqokazi’ Booi, a mother of the struggle

Nomvo Booi was as important to the battle against apartheid as her male counterparts

Educate and respect your audience, says Clara Nzima

Keep your ear to the ground, says Clara Nzima, who rose from production assistant to head of channel

The Transwerke transformation

Although Transwerke stands strong after 75 years, it has lost some of the pigment its ancient paint job provided. Close up to the exterior, its character blossoms like pimples covered by foundation.

Portrait of the Kaptin as a young man

To his associates, Ben Sharpa is best remembered as O’ Kaptin My Kap’n. The name, taken from a Walt Whitman poem about the death of Abraham Lincoln

Jabu Nadia Newman’s exhibition asks what’s in a name?

An exhibition explores how and why the photographer’s family name shifted from Mokwena to MaQuena in the 1960s


Africa Game more than a ‘spectacle’

An exhibition performance in Pretoria brought out the fans to get a taste of the real thing

Can Chiefs use MTN8 to get back on track?

“The nice thing about football is it always gives you another opportunity to try and win again”

ODG brings a steady head

It was a great start for Highlands Park in the PSL but the players were hoping for more

New Premier League era begins

Innovation and enterprise are key as the Wengers and Fergusons wither

Transfer window’s biggest winner and loser

The Premier League’s starting pistol will let off anemphatic bang this year. Thanks to a vote by the clubs, the transfer window closed on Thursday


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